New digs (for my cosmetics)

Remember this mess from a couple of weeks ago? I finally fixed it! There was simply too much stuff that I was already losing them and forgetting what I need to use for the next reviews. -_- So, I bought this plastic drawer from SM for only P430+ and finally unclogged the top part of my dresser.

So from that awful jumble, my makeup storage area now looks like this! #proud

Hmm okay maybe it's not super neat but it's certainly neater! I wanted all my face and eye makeup on top because these are what I always use before I leave the house. So that's SPF, liquid and powder foundation, concealers, eyebrow color, eyeliner, and mascara. A box of my current favorite lipsticks is also within easy reach. (Btw don't you just love that box? It was the press gift from a MAC event and I just couldn't throw it away!)

The shelves on the right contains my favorite skincare, hair, and after-bath body products. 

Aaaand the piece de resistance - the cabinet I got at such an awesome deal! It fits nicely underneath my table where the stool should be. I want to replace it with something that has more drawers but this will do for now.

The top has the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful book (it inspires me whenever I see it so I put it right there! Must review it soon) and another box of lipsticks. 

Top drawer has palettes up for review and my favorite ones as well

Then here are the smaller palettes and my cheek products

Mascaras and face products I don't use much

Palettes that I prefer to use for a more precise look

So there you go, my slightly altered organization system. :D And here, have a photo of Snaps and his new toy, Mister Hammy.


Hope you had an awesome long weekend! :D