Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes with Intense Argan Oil

Something with a name like "hair heroes" better live up to it! Snoe Beauty's Hair Heroes with Intense Argan Oil (P499) is a cleansing conditioner that's designed to "save you from a bad hair day" - and it does. It revives dry hair and transforms it into a silky miracle only after one use. Too good to be true? Well, it's true, but the product is not perfect.

Hair Heroes can be used several ways: as a cleansing product (that is, no need to apply shampoo), a separate hair conditioner after your shampoo, a deep treatment mask (wait for 15 to 20 mins before washing off), and as a leave-on treatment.

What I love about the product

  • One wash. That's all it takes for you to see a major difference in your hair! Hair feels A LOT smoother, silkier, and moisturized. Must be the famous argan oil!
  • Smells like coconut cream. I like it, a bit strong but it doesn't stay like that for long.
  • Didn't break out from this. This is a big deal for me as I break out easily from hair products.
  • A small amount is enough for medium-length hair like mine.
  • It's not cheap, but I would say it's affordable at P499 for 250 ml. They use pure argan oil here, hence the price!

What I don't like about the product

  • The pump. It's too small. I think I pump at least ten times to get the amount of product I want to use - and even then, it's not a lot! I wish for a wider pump next time.
  • Gives me dandruff if I get a lot of it in my scalp. I only use this below my ear level to ensure that I don't get it on my wee sensitive scalp.
  • Can weigh down hair if you don't rinse with shampoo at least two days after.


If you have really dry hair and need a huge dose of moisture, you must try Snoe Beauty's Hair Heroes with Intense Argan Oil! It's a great conditioner that thankfully doesn't make me break out. However if you have a sensitive scalp, you may want to keep this away from that particular patch of skin.

Actually it doesn't matter - this conditioner is heavy, so it wouldn't do to have the top part of your hair looking limp and flat. So just use it on the hair below your ear.


Love it. I've been using this since December (only when needed) and I am pleased by the results.

Tried Hair Heroes yet? What do you think of it?