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Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lip Stain in Pink Velvet

There are intense, opaque lipsticks, and then there is the Lime Crime Velvetine (P950 at Stuff In Style). This is easily the most ridicuslously pigmented lip product I've ever tried, even more than the OCC Lip Tar or MAC's mattes! It's so pigmented you need a makeup remover just to knock off the top layer. Then you'll need a toothbrush to remove most of the stain left over.



I've had my eye on Lime Crime for a while but was hesitant to purchase due to some of the controversies surrounding the brand. A quick Google should enlighten you. ;) But all that drama aside, this liquid lipstick is quite one-of-a-kind in terms of intensity and staying power. It feels like pure pigment just suspended in oil.


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Love: LORAC PRO Palette

I don't understand why everybody's so hung up over the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Sure, UD makes smooth, pigmented eyeshadows and the colors look good, but these qualities are not really unique. There are tons of options out there, if you would only look beyond the "obvious" choice.

One palette that I've really, really been mooning over is the LORAC PRO Palette (P2,400 at Stuff In Style). This is another raved-about palette but it's slightly more low-key compared to Urban Decay.  


The LORAC PRO has 16 shades, half of which are matte while the rest is shimmery. It doesn't just feature daytime neutrals; it also has shades fit for a daring smoky eye. Other than the neutral shades you'll see flashes of bright garnet, dramatic purple, and sleek stony slate. I think these colors make the palette more interesting and opens up more possibilities!

Each color is highly pigmented with an ultra-smooth texture - yes, even the matte, cream-toned ones. They are also color true. You basically get whatever you see on the pan. I also love that I don't need a primer to achieve full opacity!

Okay fine enough rambling. :P Here are the swatches, plus a couple of looks I did with this palette.

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Eyebrow Makeup Week: Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse

When I started (erm, mildly) obsessiing over my eyebrows, I loved using pencils. Then I loved powders, because I feel they give me face a softer look. Then I loved pens because they offer so much more precision with the same natural effect. But now, my absolute favorite formula when it comes to eyebrow makeup is cream. Nothing beats a cream formula when it comes to shading eyebrows - it is precise yet natural, creamy and soft-looking at the same time. The clincher is the color though. I find that they are more complex and more flattering on my skin.

I've only tried two gel/cream formulas so far, but I'm definitely interested to get more! I've already reviewed the MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme. This time, I have the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse (P1,400 from Stuff In Style). I actually discovered this by accident only, while browsing through Instagram. Stuff In Style posted this and I was like, wow! This could be the dupe of the MAC Fluidline for brows, which is limited edition and already out of stock.

So is it? A dupe? This brow mousse has the same wonderful color payoff and super smooth, natural finish. It also stays on pretty much all day - I wore it to my yoga class yesterday and it didn't budge. But that's where the similarity ends.

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Concealer concentrate: Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

The Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer (P1,200/5ml at Stuff in Style) has completely done away with modesty and went straight to being blunt. "The world's best concealer", it says on the box. That's quite a hefty claim! It's a tiny tube of concentrated concealer that's so pigmented, you must use it with a pencil eyeliner brush. It's also incredibly pigmented so you can cover pretty much anything.

I heard about this concealer when beauty bloggers abroad started raving about it. I didn't know it was even available in the Philippines, so it's a nice surprise to know that Stuff in Style carries it.

Here's my review and demo!

What I love about the product

  • Covers all manner of dark marks and imperfections, including eyebags. It's pigmented and opaque. You only need a small dot to cover everything. Yes including dark circles.
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