Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lip Stain in Pink Velvet

There are intense, opaque lipsticks, and then there is the Lime Crime Velvetine (P950 at Stuff In Style). This is easily the most ridicuslously pigmented lip product I've ever tried, even more than the OCC Lip Tar or MAC's mattes! It's so pigmented you need a makeup remover just to knock off the top layer. Then you'll need a toothbrush to remove most of the stain left over.



I've had my eye on Lime Crime for a while but was hesitant to purchase due to some of the controversies surrounding the brand. A quick Google should enlighten you. ;) But all that drama aside, this liquid lipstick is quite one-of-a-kind in terms of intensity and staying power. It feels like pure pigment just suspended in oil.


In fact it feels like an oil with low viscosity upon first swipe. It dries up in a minute though, turning into an opaque, uber matte color! It stays put once dry, even after I eat or drink. It fades minimally during the day.

The scent is a single strong, sweet caramel note. It's not unlike the NYX Lip Creams if you've tried those.


This is Pink Velvet, a bright, almost day-glo pink. It's definitely not for those who are intimidated by crazy hot hues! It's fun to wear though. I just did this look to shoot some products, but when I go out, I will probably lose the eyeshadow. I don't recommend wearing a blush or eyeliner with such a strong lip color. Just let people process that one feature!

I also have Red Velvet - it's equally intense - but I'll share the swatch next time.

Overall, I recommend you try the Lime Crime Velvetine if you like bright lips that stay on no matter what you do. It's not a line for everyone, yes, so it's really up to you if you want to pull off such a crazy color. ^_^

What do you think? Would you wear loud lips like this?