Concealer concentrate: Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

The Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer (P1,200/5ml at Stuff in Style) has completely done away with modesty and went straight to being blunt. "The world's best concealer", it says on the box. That's quite a hefty claim! It's a tiny tube of concentrated concealer that's so pigmented, you must use it with a pencil eyeliner brush. You can cover pretty much anything.

I heard about this concealer when beauty bloggers abroad started raving about it. I didn't know it was even available in the Philippines, so it's a nice surprise to know that Stuff in Style carries it.

Here's my review and demo!

What I love about the product

  • Covers all manner of dark marks and imperfections, including eyebags. It's pigmented and opaque. You only need a small dot to cover everything. Yes including dark circles.
  • Concealers as pigmented as this usually end up being too thick and caky to use on under eyes, but the Amazing Concealer is fluid enough to work on that area. It looks natural when used sparingly and blended properly.
  • Stays on all day, even on oily skin. I didn't notice any fading or smudging.
  • Has a finish that looks like skin, not like a thick matte blotch on the face.
  • Doesn't cake and bunch up as long as you use a very thin layer. I cannot emphasize enough that this concealer MUST be used sparingly.


Has a foil seal to keep the concealer creamy and fresh when you open it

What I don't like about the product

  • The shade I have is Medium Golden. I thought it would be more yellow to match my skin tone but it's rather beige on me. Not obvious, however it's not a perfect match so I apply an extra layer of foundation on top of the concealer to blend it.
  • Starting out you'll need to practice to get the right amount per use, and how to properly blend it. This is time consuming even when you've learned how to do it right since you have to be very precise on where you apply it.


  • Initially I thought this concealer was a total rip off a P1,200 for a very small amount (that's the travel size which is 5ml while the full size is 15ml at P1,800). But after using it for a month or so I realized that I only need half a drop to cover everything on my face. That's how concentrated it is. So in the long run the P1,200 seems reasonable to me!

Application tips


Squeeze out a small dot on the back of your hand. Use a thin, pencil-point eyeliner brush to directly apply this concealer on your spots (learned this from the phenomenal Lisa Eldridge). You have to be precise since this is super opaque and you don't want to cover good skin if you don't have to. Pat the concealer with your bare fingers to blend it in. Don't swipe to get full coverage!

This is already too much for one use. Half of this amount is the sweet spot!

For under eyes, apply three lines sweeping outwards. Blend with your fingers by gently swiping the concealer outwards. Why swipe? So your concealer will appear as if it's one with your skin. It must fill in the lines and appear just slightly lighter than your actual dark circles.

Set with powder.



If you have very dark blemishes, red angry pimples, and serious eye bags, you must try the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. It can cover those things provided you're willing to put in extra work, perhaps for a special occasion. It's also great for oily skin since it stays put once set.

It's very similar to the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. However this has a more fluid texture, and gives more leeway for you to work it in properly before it dries. Amazing Concealer can also be used on under eyes, something I would not recommend with the MUFE concealer.

If you have fairly good skin with only minor blemishes, you should go for lighter concealers. :)


Love it. I honestly don't use this everyday though as it can be time consuming to apply correctly. Besides, I don't need full coverage on a normal day! This is reserved for events or anywhere where I might get photographed.

I've been reading reviews and it seems that while there are people who adore this concealer, many also dislike it with a passion and think it's just hype. At first I thought it was a crappy product because it made my skin look weird and caky, but I did finally learn how to use it properly after trial and error. I guess this concealer isn't for everyone!

What's your current concealer?