It's a neutral sunset: My customized INGLOT palette

This is one of my favorite palettes because I was able to choose all the colors that went in it. INGLOT, as you know, has an excellent Freedom System for customizing different sets of products.That aside they have gorgeous colors that are far from being run-of-the-mill. I've already written about the contour powder/bronzer so this time here's a quick review of the three eyeshadows I picked up plus INGLOT's eyeshadow brush which I personally purchased.


Each eyeshadow pan is just P375 while this particular magnetic palette is P895. Not bad right? At least, compared to something like MAC. Each pan has a generous 2.7 grams of eyeshadow so it'll probably expire first before I use it up. That's an especially useful feature for makeup artists who work with lots of clients.

Pigmentation is awesome WITH primer underneath. It's not so good without, hence, always keep your fave eyeshadow base handy. The colors won't crease for at least six hours on top of a good primer.


But those details are just, well, details. My INGLOT palette is special because of the colors! I have 11 which is a golden sandy shade - my most-used single! - 15, a duochrome orange and gold color, and 607 which is a burgundy red. The contour powder (Blush in AMC52) is also handy as a crease color, to blend everything together.


I realized rather belatedly that these colors are very similar to my Guerlain L'Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 14 Les Fauves. It only hit me when I got home! I was so pleased with myself pa naman. :P Anyway, they're not exactly the same since these INGLOT ones have a duochrome finish. They do have the same silkiness as the Guerlain shadows I mentioned, although the high-end colors are pigmented enough to be worn without any base.


No names, just numbers: 607, 15, and 11. That sandy gold is a must-have - it's such a beautiful lid wash and highlighter!DSC07666


Worn here. I added a bit of matte dark brown on the outer v just to get a hint of smokiness. Is that fierce or what?


Ahhh, the brush. I believe this has sable hair and cost me P900+. Is it the best eyeshadow brush I've ever tried? Hmmm, not really. It's not as dense or as soft as I hoped. It applies colors well enough but it just doesn't wow, you know? The shape is nice but I'd still pick my Suesh eyeshadow brush over this any day. I do use this regularly, though.


Overall, I highly recommend you try INGLOT's eyeshadows if you've always dreamed of having the ultimate palette. You'll be investing in beautiful colors that perform well on top of a good base. ^_^ I'm certainly getting more in the near future! 

INGLOT is located inside Glorietta 5, ground floor.