It's the big beauty news last week: INGLOT, the Polish makeup brand that's famous for its Freedom System, is finally here in Manila! You can find it inside Glorietta 5 right beside Starbucks. ^_^ 

INGLOT positions itself as a professional makeup brand, with a dizzying selection of colors and heavy coverage face bases that makeup artists will love to use. Of course, if you just love makeup and collecting amazing stuff, then INGLOT is also an addictive choice. I mean just look at all those gorgeous colors!

The brand boasts of its Freedom System where you can buy magnetized palettes with two to 40 slots. Fill these up with eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, eyebrow powder/wax, and concealers for a fully customized makeup collection! Better yet, you can switch out the products whenever you need to since they're only held down by magnets; you just need to flip them out with a pin or toothpick. 

The empty palettes cost P495 for two slots, P595 for three, P695 for four, P895 for five, P1,395 for 10, P2,395 for 20, and P3,895 for 40. The palettes have different slot combinations and also has a different shape for powders.

So how's the pricing for the color makeup? A single eyeshadow, brow wax, brow powder, or lipstick is P375, P495 for blush, and P595 for powder. The rainbow eyeshadows are a bit more expensive than regular shadows at P475.

These ain't exactly cheap since you won't be buying only one, but compared to high-end brands this is fairly affordable. The company certainly did not skimp on the quality so you're getting a good value for these prices.

Go gaga for lipstick here 

Nail polish skirmish

So here's how I built my own Freedom Palette. ^_^ I also purchased a couple of items to try out!

I didn't plan on a sunset-inspired palette, but that's what I ended up with somehow. I had such a hard time choosing which colors to take home! These three eyeshadows caught my eye and never quite let go. I also got a contour shade instead of blush so I can use it as an eyeshadow to blend all three colors together.

Swatch! I'll do a more in-depth review with looks next time. ;)

As for my personal purchases, I got a concealer pan since it looked super intriguing. This has the consistency of whipped cream and a medium to heavy coverage! Not bad for P375. I also grabbed an eyeshadow brush for roughly P900 bucks since I seem to have lost my fave eyeshadow brush from Suesh.

There you have it. I'll be posting reviews in the near future, but a rough review would be this: everything looks great! I love what I got! I plan to collect the 20-pan Freedom Palette next year, since I wanna get more colors from INGLOT. These three are just a taste of what to come *cue evil makeup junkie laugh*.

What do you think? What would you put in your own Freedom Palette?


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