Face Contour Week: INGLOT Blush in AMC 52

Continuing our earlier talk about INGLOT, I have here one of their blushes called AMC 52 (P495). This was the only blush shade that I thought fit for contouring, since the other two possible contour shades are either too red or too orange. So is it any good?

Shade. AMC 52 is a neutral tan that looks orange-ish at first swatch but loses that tint as soon as it's blended in. It has a soft matte finish which is ideal for contouring. Now, this was supposed to be my "Goldilocks" shade but upon swatching it on my face at home, I realized how almost undetectable it is on my skin! It's not that the color is sheer; it's just that it's only half a shade darker than my skin tone. 

Well, I don't mind overmuch since this is a good color to have for blending eyeshadows. It can be layered too, if I want the contouring to be more obvious. This is a great shade for fair to light medium skin - if you're darker you must go for something deeper than AMC 52.

Barely there.

Texture and wear time. The texture of the powder is super silky and smooth. It's also pigmented, and doesn't streak at all. Staying power is pretty okay at 4-5 hours. This is something I'd recommend even for oily skin.

Worn to contour my cheeks, jawline, and nose. The up side to this shade being too light is that it's almost like I didn't do contouring at all. The result is very natural!

Packaging and price. This is only an individual pan, which explains the basic packaging. I LOVE that each INGLOT pan is sealed in plastic that bubbles up slightly from the makeup - this ingenious packaging keeps the item fresh and prevents the powder from breaking too easily.

An INGLOT blush is only P495 for 6 grams. It's a good price, but yeah you'll need to get a separate case for it. You can use it without a case if you really want to since the plastic packaging closes snugly. 

Recommendations. I recommend you check out INGLOT blushes in general since they're super smooth and pigmented. AMC 52 is a great shade for lighter skin tones if you want to use it either as a contour powder or blush. Go for something else if you're on the deeper end of the skintone spectrum.

Verdict. I like it. It's subtle on me, which is how I like my daytime contouring to look! I don't want people to see my face and think these cheekbones are fake. :P Haha. It's a good product, I just wish it was half a step darker.

As usual, let me know what you think! Is this too light? Or just right?