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Beauty Roundup: Estée Lauder's new endorser, new Chrissy Teigen x BECCA collab, and a J.Lo makeup line!

Is it just me or is it getting extra hot in here?! We’re looking at another exciting week for beauty with fresh faces, new drops, and juicy sneak peeks! Estée Lauder has just announced their newest Global Spokesmodel, and we found a teaser of another epic collab with hilarious model Chrissy Teigen. Meanwhile, Kardashian sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Kylie seem to be on a mission to flood us with more makeup this 2018. And if you've ever coveted J.Lo's glow (who hasn't?), you'll be as psyched as we are to hear about her plans for launching a new makeup collection!

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Quickie: New products from INGLOT

Morning folks! Thought you'd be interested in the latest products from INGLOT. The Polish pro cosmetics brand released some exciting new things for Spring so let's take a gander, shall we?

indication hd loose powder

Available in five subtle colours, INGLOT’s new HD Illuminizing Loose Powder (P1,195) will make your skin appear smooth and flawless. It features premium silicone powder and diamond dust, perfect for hiding skin’s little imperfections, leaving you looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

new lipstick matte indication

There are 5 new shades of INGLOT's popular matte lipsticks (P795)! These lippies give the perfect long-lasting matte look while providing ample moisture to keep the lips soft and smooth.

New colors to check out: #422 - True Purple | #423 - Bright Pink | #424 - Bright Cherry / Orange shade | #425 - Mauve Pink  | #426 - Deep Berry with purple and burgundy undertones


INGLOT'S Fusion Blush and Illuminator (P595 per pan) is a unique blush combining two complementing colors in one. The matte side of the face blush is ideal for defining and sculpting selected parts of the face while the illuminator provides a delicate glow. 

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It's a neutral sunset: My customized INGLOT palette

This is one of my favorite palettes because I was able to choose all the colors that went in it. INGLOT, as you know, has an excellent Freedom System for customizing different sets of products.That aside they have gorgeous colors that are far from being run-of-the-mill. I've already written about the contour powder/bronzer so this time here's a quick review of the three eyeshadows I picked up plus INGLOT's eyeshadow brush which I personally purchased.


Each eyeshadow pan is just P375 while this particular magnetic palette is P895. Not bad right? At least, compared to something like MAC. Each pan has a generous 2.7 grams of eyeshadow so it'll probably expire first before I use it up. That's an especially useful feature for makeup artists who work with lots of clients.

Pigmentation is awesome WITH primer underneath. It's not so good without, hence, always keep your fave eyeshadow base handy. The colors won't crease for at least six hours on top of a good primer.


But those details are just, well, details. My INGLOT palette is special because of the colors!

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Manicure Mondays: INGLOT Nail Enamel in #368

I spent the last couple of days reading a book called Beauty by Sherri S. Tepper. Beauty is a book about a girl meant to be Sleeping Beauty, as she travels back and forth in time, protecting a special gift to humanity. She sires fairytale characters like Cinderella, Snow White, and the Frog Prince, but they're nowhere near anything Perrault or the Grimm Brothers led us to believe. 

This book is dark, intense, and in many parts, horrifying. It was written by a pro-abortion, eco-activist feminist. Prepare to be lectured. I didn't mind, since I'm always open to new ideas. :) I like the book and would recommend it those who like fairytales for adults.

So! It's Manicure Mondays once again. Here's dignified mauve polish: the INGLOT Nail Enamel in #368 (P450). It looks muddy in the bottle but it has the subtlest shimmer that makes it look more dimensional, somehow. It doesn't look flimsy or flat as colors like this tend to do. 

#368 is a mauve shade with a sepia undertone. The texture is creamy and smooth, and it's pigmented enough that I needn't apply more than two layers.

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INGLOT Freedom System Cream Concealer

I never did get into the habit of regularly scheduling posts here on my blog. I do schedule them when I'm out of town or when I have a huge job that'll take up the whole day; otherwise, I more or less blog whatever feels right for the day. Oh believe me, I've tried coming up with posts in one day as if they're from an assembly line! But it just feels so forced. The content I end up finally vomiting sounds fake to me. 

There are bloggers who do scheduled posts and I admire them (it's more efficient, truly). It's just not for me.

I have a couple of meetings today so I'll make this review quick. ;) I've already mentioned purchasing the INGLOT Freedom System Cream Concealer (P475) during the brand's launch here, and have been using it on and off for a few weeks now. How is it? It's okay. It's weird, but okay enough.

This cream concealer is only semi-solid, unlike other pan concealers I've tried before. It almost feels like paste to me, thick, sticky, and wet. I imagine that this formula would belong better in a tube - and INGLOT does have a concealer in a tube - but if you wanna fit a concealer in your Freedom Palette, then this is the way to go.

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Face Contour Week: INGLOT Blush in AMC 52

Continuing our earlier talk about INGLOT, I have here one of their blushes called AMC 52 (P495). This was the only blush shade that I thought fit for contouring, since the other two possible contour shades are either too red or too orange. So is it any good?

Shade. AMC 52 is a neutral tan that looks orange-ish at first swatch but loses that tint as soon as it's blended in. It has a soft matte finish which is ideal for contouring. Now, this was supposed to be my "Goldilocks" shade but upon swatching it on my face at home, I realized how almost undetectable it is on my skin! It's not that the color is sheer; it's just that it's only half a shade darker than my skin tone. 


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It's the big beauty news last week: INGLOT, the Polish makeup brand that's famous for its Freedom System, is finally here in Manila! You can find it inside Glorietta 5 right beside Starbucks. ^_^ 

INGLOT positions itself as a professional makeup brand, with a dizzying selection of colors and heavy coverage face bases that makeup artists will love to use. Of course, if you just love makeup and collecting amazing stuff, then INGLOT is also an addictive choice. I mean just look at all those gorgeous colors!

The brand boasts of its Freedom System where you can buy magnetized palettes with two to 40 slots. Fill these up with eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, eyebrow powder/wax, and concealers for a fully customized makeup collection! Better yet, you can switch out the products whenever you need to since they're only held down by magnets; you just need to flip them out with a pin or toothpick. 

The empty palettes cost P495 for two slots, P595 for three, P695 for four, P895 for five, P1,395 for 10, P2,395 for 20, and P3,895 for 40.

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