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It's a neutral sunset: My customized INGLOT palette

This is one of my favorite palettes because I was able to choose all the colors that went in it. INGLOT, as you know, has an excellent Freedom System for customizing different sets of products.That aside they have gorgeous colors that are far from being run-of-the-mill. I've already written about the contour powder/bronzer so this time here's a quick review of the three eyeshadows I picked up plus INGLOT's eyeshadow brush which I personally purchased.


Each eyeshadow pan is just P375 while this particular magnetic palette is P895. Not bad right? At least, compared to something like MAC. Each pan has a generous 2.7 grams of eyeshadow so it'll probably expire first before I use it up. That's an especially useful feature for makeup artists who work with lots of clients.

Pigmentation is awesome WITH primer underneath. It's not so good without, hence, always keep your fave eyeshadow base handy. The colors won't crease for at least six hours on top of a good primer.


But those details are just, well, details. My INGLOT palette is special because of the colors!

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Brush Week: The MAC 217 Blending Brush

If you love watching YouTube makeup gurus, then you already know how popular and ubiquitous the MAC 217 Blending Brush is. It's been on my wish list since I saw Lisa Eldridge use it with cream eyeshadows - it looked so easy to use, and the results were stunning! I finally got my own MAC 217 a month or so ago since I got to visit Duty Free with my family.

It retails for about P1,300 locally if I remember rightly while it's 26 USD in Duty Free. The price difference is only minor so just buy it from the MAC counters. I thought it'd be considerably cheaper at DF but nah, the wait wasn't really worth it for a savings out about P170.

Anyway, on to the brush! I had mixed feelings about it the first few times I used it. It didn't wow me, I mean, my eyeshadows looked the same as when I used a cheaper brush. As you know I have been using the Suesh Pointed Blending Brush and it works super well - why bother with the MAC 217?

The MAC 217 has long bristles that taper to a rounded edge

It took me a while to notice it, but there is a marked difference, not just to the naked eye!

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Brush Week: Suesh eye brushes

Do brushes make the artist? I'm inclined to say no. For me it's not the tools that make good makeup (or any creation for that matter), it's the vision of the artist behind the work. Some people acquire the skills while some are just plain talented, but in the end the beauty of the finished material is dictated by the person's creativity. 

Still, good, specialized brushes can make application easier and quicker. The results are also cleaner and better blended! That's why you should only use brushes that have nice, soft hair and a shape that does what it's meant to do. Naturally the best brushes costs a pretty penny, but there is always one within your budget - just make sure to look and compare!

I have reviewed many brushes for you guys in the past. This week I'll be reviewing a few new ones I haven't featured yet. So, without further blabber, I present to you Project Vanity's Brush Week!

I'm gonna start with three brushes I purchased from Suesh early this year. I love these eye brushes since they are fairly affordable, soft, and excel in applying eyeshadow. I have been using the Large Eyeshadow Brush and the Pointed Blending Brush almost exclusively since I got them. As in, I panic whenever I don't find them in my table!

Let's begin with the Large Eyeshadow Brush (P400). It's made of stiff yet soft sable hair that's great at picking up and packing in powder eyeshadows. I actually prefer to use this kind of flat, rounded brush for my lids instead of the usual fluffy ones - it just works better in making the colors vibrant!

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Japonesque Dual Sided Brush 130

I've always wanted to own something from Japonesque. I have this impression that the brand is serious about makeup artistry and craftsmanship, being such a well-loved name by makeup artists all over the world. I never tried it earlier though because of how expensive it is. One basic brush can fetch more than P2,000!

Truth be told that's not an uncommon price for high-end brushes. However, seeing as I just apply makeup on myself, I don't want to spend that much on a single brush just yet. So imagine my surprise when I saw a pro-sized Japonesque brush for only P895 at Beauty Bar!

I literally stopped in my tracks and asked the sales assistant to take it out from the box. I actually wanted to buy a brush like this from MAC a few limited ed collections ago but again couldn't justify a ~P2,000 splurge for a single brush. P895 isn't peanuts either but it's reasonable because, well, it's Japonesque. 

Okay sorry about rambling on about the price. Still can't get over it. :P I think the reason this is cheaper compared to the normal Japonesque brushes is because half of it is synthetic hair. It's also made for makeup enthusiasts like me - not beginners but not professional either. It hits the sweet spot between quality and being reasonably priced.

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Studio Makeup Pro Shadow Shading Brush

To be honest, I don't actually spend a lot of money on makeup. I've been running this blog for four years, and in that time a lot of brands have come to support it by sending free stuff my way. I'm very thankful because this allows me to write regularly and of course discover products that I will keep on using waaay after I finish my first tube or jar.

That's why it's a big deal (for me) whenever I buy any beauty-related product. I may not need it per se - not at this point in my collection - but it must be so good that I just gottahaveit. My best seal of approval comes with personal purchases. If I bought it, then it must be worth the money.

One of my recent beauty purchases is the Studio Makeup Pro Shadow Shading Brush (P745 from Beauty Bar). I first saw it in an event and promptly fell in love. It looks like a MAC brush I've been seeing around but it's much more affordable, so I just went ahead and got it!

I have many other similar brushes but I like it because it looks professional with its the sleek black handle and sturdy-looking silver ferrule.

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