Sweetly fresh: the Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks and Candy Wrap Lip Gloss

Why do I draw and paint? It's a long list of reasons but it boils down to that feeling of joy of having created something from nothing. I take photos and write for this blog, but my work here is derivative. That doesn't mean it's unimportant or meaningless, but it's just not the same as making something with my hands. So I draw lines and sometimes I color them.


It also keeps me sane. I place a lot of pressure on myself to excel in what I do and be bigger, better. Sometimes, I want to escape from that. Painting for me has no agenda other than to please myself. Although, if in the future I can turn this into a commercial undertaking, then that'd be awesome too! I should know, there are few things more rewarding than earning something from doing things you love.


Buuut let's get back to makeup. I just want to share an FOTD and review of some Canmake products! Like I said in my earlier post I think Canmake cosmetics are beyond cute and offer pretty good quality for the (drugstore) price. I didn't truly understand that, however, until I wore the Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks and Candy Wrap Lip Gloss together some weeks back.


Ta-dah! I loved this look. Even better, I did it in under ten minutes! I used a Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze and then a brown Essence eyeliner. I think the cheeks and the lip gloss stole the show though. They really made my complexion look amazing!


The Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks #5 looks like something from a toy store but this is nicely pigmented with a beautiful glowy finish. The four colors mix together perfectly to create a cotton candy pink that just melts on top of my cheeks. Such a pretty blush!




I dare you to disagree!

It's not a particularly long-wearing blush though - it'd be solid for four hours, tops. Nonetheless it's easy to retouch with the cute, soft, and plush brush it comes with.


The Candy Wrap Lip Gloss in #14 is pigmented but not completely opaque. Is that a good thing? Yeah, if you like the effect of "jelly" lips. This is a big trend in Japan and Korea. But if you're looking for something that's as solid as a lipstick then just go for a lipstick, or for gloss-lipstick hybrids.

The texture of this gloss can feel a bit thick. Thankfully, it's not very sticky or uncomfortable. It's just right! Scent is subtly sweet and staying power is just average for a gloss at 2-3 hours.



I'm a vain person (you know that, right?) but when I wore this out I felt extra vain since I kept looking at myself in the mirror. The gloss and lippie go really well together. ^_^ 

And that's that! Let me know if you've tried Canmake already! This is one affordable brand you shouldn't miss out on.

Canmake is available inside the Digital Traincase showroom in Ortigas, Somera in Glorietta 1, and in Glamourbox online.

PS I'll update prices when I have them but for your reference, the most expensive Canmake product is just around P700. My guess is the blush and gloss are just in the P300-400 range.