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Cream Tint Battle: Which brand has the best lip, cheek, and eye cream?

Ah, the multi-pot - endlessly desirable (at least for me) yet somewhat difficult to manage. We already love cream blushes, but I love the idea of having one product I can use for multiple applications that I can toss into my bag. They’re also a hot topic due to the new Sunnies Face Airblush release, so for those who want to be more conscientious about their beauty purchases, we decided to test it out together with other cream products to find out which one reigns supreme.

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Save, Spend, or Splurge: Lip balms that deliver moisture + color

The intense heat we’re experiencing this summer has made my lips drier than usual. Although I love wearing matte lip products, it’s just too uncomfortable to wear now because even with a balm underneath, my lips still dry out like a raisin. I’ve been reaching for tinted lip balms more instead, as the fuss-free application gives me juicy moisture and a hint of color at the same time! Whether you want just a sheer tint or full-on pigmentation, we’ve got great recos for every kind of budget.

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Announcement: Commenter of the Month winner, and a cute May gift

Konnichiwa! Were you able to visit Japan in time for the cherry blossom festival this year? That’s personally on my bucket list of things to do when I travel but until then, I’m quite content with all the goodies that J-beauty offers! But before I go into that, we have an important announcement:

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The Asian Beauty Sunscreen Battle: We compared four to find the best daily sunscreen!

Over at the Project Vanity Community page, we often get requests for sunscreen recommendations. Everyone looks for the same qualities: no white cast, not sticky or heavy, and ideally without that distinctive sunscreen scent. By and large, Asian Beauty (AB) sunscreen formulas are the clear favorite, with most recos coming from Japanese and Korean skincare picks. Having so many options can be pretty overwhelming though, so let’s attempt to answer the billion dollar question: which sunscreen has the best formula?

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New from Canmake: Cream Cheek Tint and Matte Lip Tint

I am not as well versed in J-beauty as I’d like to be. Unlike the rest of the PV team, my experience with Japanese cosmetics can be condensed to a few award winning skincare, cult-favorite mascaras, and the ever famous Shu Uemura lash curler. I’m currently on a streak of more natural makeup looks so Canmake Philippines’ newly-released matte lip tint and cream blush were welcome additions to my current rotation!

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Ready, Wink, Glow: Canmake's award-winning eye makeup is now in the PH

When CanmakePH announced that the Wink Glow Eyes line was now available locally, fellow PV writer Gett and I immediately drew up our wish lists and started planning for our purchase. The liquid eyeshadows placed #2 at the Cosme 2017 Mid-year Awards (Eyeshadow Category) and I wasn’t about to miss out on that. The product promises to be glossy, non-oily, and long-wearing all at the same time. It’s basically all the things I often look for in eye makeup, so I was beyond thrilled to try these new arrivals, plus a couple more products to complete the look!

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J-Beauty for oily skin: Five Canmake products for your everyday look

When I first started to experiment with J- and K-beauty, I had a difficult time finding products that fit me. See, while Western makeup was all about mattifying, the cult of chok-chok meant that most products geared towards a more Asian aesthetic added “dewiness” to the skin. Unfortunately for me, that meant a greasy disaster on my oily skin.

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Sweetly fresh: the Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks and Candy Wrap Lip Gloss

Why do I draw and paint? It's a long list of reasons but it boils down to that feeling of joy of having created something from nothing. I take photos and write for this blog, but my work here is derivative. That doesn't mean it's unimportant or meaningless, but it's just not the same as making something with my hands. So I draw lines and sometimes I color them.


It also keeps me sane. I place a lot of pressure on myself to excel in what I do and be bigger, better. Sometimes, I want to escape from that. Painting for me has no agenda other than to please myself. Although, if in the future I can turn this into a commercial undertaking, then that'd be awesome too! I should know, there are few things more rewarding than earning something from doing things you love.


Buuut let's get back to makeup. I just want to share an FOTD and review of some Canmake products! Like I said in my earlier post I think Canmake cosmetics are beyond cute and offer pretty good quality for the (drugstore) price. I didn't truly understand that, however, until I wore the Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks and Candy Wrap Lip Gloss together some weeks back.


Ta-dah! I loved this look. Even better, I did it in under ten minutes! I used a Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze and then a brown Essence eyeliner. I think the cheeks and the lip gloss stole the show though. They really made my complexion look amazing!


The Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks #5 looks like something from a toy store but this is nicely pigmented with a beautiful glowy finish. The four colors mix together perfectly to create a cotton candy pink that just melts on top of my cheeks. Such a pretty blush!

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Canmake Cheek Brush

I don't know why exactly but Japan is on my mind these last few days. I've been obsessively checking flights, hotels, and the weather on my preferred dates. Honestly I'm starting to feel a wee bit crazy. Why now, why so suddenly? It's like an urge that just dropped down my gut.

I'm trying to convince my parents to go with me this year, but if that doesn't happen I will most likely go by myself. Is this what they call lovesickness? Well. I suppose so!

In any case, here's a little piece of Tokyo for us: the Canmake Cheek Brush (P600)! This is part of the brand's Spring collection and I'm loving it. Not as a blush brush but as a - wait for it - foundation brush. It's the perfect shape and density for applying liquid foundations and BB creams.

Don't let that cute, toy-like design fool you. This is a crazy soft brush with fine synthetic bristles! It's quite small yes but it's about the same size as the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. They work pretty much the same way except this is only 600 bucks. ;)

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Canmake Tokyo cosmetics, now in Manila

This might be old-ish news to you if you're an avid follower of beauty news but - yay! Canmake Tokyo, one of the top drugstore brands in Japan, is finally here in the Philippines. They've had an online counter over at Glamourbox for a few months now, but it's only recently that they set up a brick and mortar location in Glorietta 2, inside Somera.

When I went to Tokyo and Hong Kong last year, every beauty drug store I visited had Canmake. It's impossible to miss: the bright pink logo and collaterals, the cute little princess-themed makeup. And the price! It's very affordable. I'm happy to report that the prices here are almost the same as abroad, with the product selling for as low as P390 and at most, P680 (for the BB cream/bases). 

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