Budget Beauty: Five pretty cream blushes for under P600

One of my big beauty lessons in 2017 was the importance of wearing blush. I didn't think it was crucial to my makeup routine until I realized how it instantly gives life to my face even when I'm feeling haggard. Different blush shades could also give a different feel to my monochromatic “natural” look: blue-based pinks make me look sweet and innocent, while a warm orange gives me a back-from-the-beach flush! 

I also discovered that cream blushes are the bomb. Compared to powder blush formulas, I have better control over the pigmentation and get longer wear from using a cream blush. With my new addiction, I've been hunting for budget-friendly options to add to my stash. Here are some of my fave finds!

Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek in Kiichigo Pink (P490, SM Beauty)

I have wanted this blush since reading Liz’s review years ago! The Japanese brand may be famous for their mascara but this cream blush is also noteworthy. This is a particularly flattering shade of a blue-based pinkish-red that looks just like a natural flush, but better. The pigment is not as intense so it takes me three small, light strokes to get the pigmentation I prefer. It stays on all day in air-conditioned temperatures, even when I'm actively assisting patients at my internship. Fading is minimal!  

Canmake Cream Cheek in CL08 (P450, department stores)

Canmake has cult following for their cream blushes, and they even have a Cosme award for it! I love how this gives me a glow-from-within kind of flush. It lasts the whole day even if I just apply a sheer layer. I reach for this so often that I've actually already hit pan on it!

Pink Sugar Sugar Tint (P350, SM Beauty)

Cream blushes are often labeled as multipurpose lip and cheek formulas, which make them even more sulit to purchase instead of powders! Local fave Sugar Tints are well-pigmented and feel comfortable on the lips, and they work just as well on the face. The color is so rich that one dot is too much for one cheek, so start by applying the tiniest drop. It's easy to blend out when freshly-applied but stays on all day once set.

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Extraction Tint (P350, Althea)

I bought these for my lips and found them incredibly drying so I decided to repurpose! There is actually a specific for-the-cheeks version for this, with more interesting shades available (including a purple one!). Fortunately, these worked great as blushes, and I found the shade Very Fine Day to be a really lovely cheek color. The texture is quite creamy and a bit soft. It fades prettily throughout the day but still leaves a mauvey pink stain similar to the original color. I actually like how it looks faded more than when it's freshly applied!

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Lip & Cheek Color (P548, Althea)

It's a bit pricier than the other picks but you get two shades in a super cute compact! I have the Bubble Red variant which includes a matte orange shade and glossy red shade. I love wearing this for when I want an energetic and sporty feel, or for recreating that drunk blush look (red blush works best for this!). This red-orange perfectly mimics my sun-kissed or “nagbabad sa araw" flush! It also lasts the whole day on me with minimal fading.

It seems like cream blushes are usually more expensive than powder formulas but I feel like they're worth the extra pesos considering how much longer they last on me. Some can even be used as lip products as well, so that's extra mileage for a single product and you don't need to worry about matching your pout to your cheeks. More importantly, cream formulas give a young and fresh vibe because of the dewy, natural-looking finish. If you're partial to no-makeup makeup looks like I am, this is a must-have!

Do you use cream blushes? Find any affordable options? What are your faves?