Bet you didn't think you'd look good in red blush

The red lip is a timeless classic that has been a staple in creating the look of a sophisticated lady since way back in the 50’s. The movie stars of the golden age demonstrated how glamorous it could be, and it has since been a red carpet go-to for our current favorite celebs. But what if we went a step further and suggested that red blush -yes, blush! - could be a lifelong friend and even a worthy companion to the red lip? Would you have the guts to go bolder?

If you think about it, donning a red blush isn’t as outrageous as it seems because: 

  • Red blush freshens up the complexion much in the same way red lipstick does.
  • It happens that your lipstick can also serve as your blush, so you'll be saving money, cutting down coordination time, and making a multipurpose product out of a humble lipstick.
  • Red rouge is a huge trend in Korean and Japanese beauty. There are so many formulas available and in universally flattering hues!

I get that attempting the right red flush can be intimidating though. How do you gracefully reach that level without looking like you just got slapped in the face? Luckily, we’ve come up with two techniques for you to try.

The first is straightforward: just apply the blush directly to your cheeks! Take your blush brush and pick up a bit of pigment. The important thing is to tap off the excess powder before applying with a (very) light hand. It's best to start with sheer wash of color then carefully layer it on to your desired intensity.

If you tend to get heavy-handed, you can also lightly rub the brush on the back of your hand or on a piece of tissue to further reduce the pigment stuck to the brush. Make sure to diffuse the color well to blend it seamlessly into your skin for a post-workout glow!

Tip: To make it easier to diffuse the blush, I only use one side of the powder brush to apply, then I flip it over to diffuse.

Still having doubts? The second method is an even subtler way of rocking red blush. You’ll be using a neutral base beforehand, and the red blush will serve as an accent rather than the main attraction. Take your bronzer or contour powder, and lightly apply some where your blush usually goes. Then just dab on the red blush right at the apple of your cheeks. The darker shade brings down the vibrancy of the red into something closer to a natural flush while contouring your cheeks at the same time.

Whichever method you end up choosing, you’ll be using very little of the product. Proponents of the pigmented red blush sing praises of how a single pan goes on forever, and also of how it’s a one-shade-fits-all situation. You could be mestiza or morena, and it would still look awesome on you! If you’re interested in taking the plunge, here are our Splurge or Save picks:

Nars Exhibit A Blush (P1,650, Rustan’s) is arguably one of the most popular red blushes in the beauty world. It is a bold true red!

Jordana Blush Stick in Rouge Romance (less than P300, Watsons) is a cream blush version that’s easy to work with.

Etude House Berry Delicious Cream Blusher in RD301 (P548, Watsons and Etude House) is a cream-to-powder formula, so it can be applied with ease yet have the lasting power of a powder blush.

Bobbi Brown Blush in Berry (P1,400, Rustan’s) is the blush I used for the photos above. The reddish berry hue is strong but more toned down than a flatout red-red blush.

Have you tried red blush yet? If not, have we convinced you to? Share your thoughts on bold cheeks in the comments.

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