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Three "My Cheeks But Better" dusty rose blushes that fit every budget

Loving a blush feels a lot like being in a long-term relationship. People don’t tend to swap around blush shades as often as they would lipstick or eyeshadow. For as long as it jives well enough with your collection of lippies, then you can keep wearing the same blush shade again and again! In that sense, a blush is like an investment piece in your makeup wardrobe. And while we love ourselves a popping pink or a plush peach, a dusty rose shade spells refined flush and versatility across various skin tones and lipsticks. Dare we call it the MCBB (My Cheeks But Better) blush?

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Benefit Hervana Blush: Your perfect pink-peach

I have a little secret: I've been using the Benefit Hervana Blush (P1,600) exclusively since I got it some three weeks back. Yes, I haven't been using any other blush! Why? Because it's the kind of shade that goes with everything, and I mean everything.

Let me explain. The thing with blushes is, you have to match them with the lipstick you're wearing - if you have a peach shade on, you have to wear a peach blush. If you have a pink lip, then wear a pink blush. This is not a strict rule ha but it simply looks better when your lips and cheeks match; it's more flattering to your skintone that way!

Benefit Hervana is awesome because it straddles the fine line between peach and pink and so matches all lip colors you can throw at it. That's just one of its many fine points though. ;)

What I love about the product

  • Hervana is a gorgeous, flattering shade. It's a pink-mauve-peach that should go with fair to medium-dark skintones.  
  • Great staying power! Lasts on my cheeks all day even through the heat, sweat, and oil. I have oily combination skin, btw.
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