Staff Picks: The best beauty advice our moms have ever given us

Mother knows best. Listen to your mother. It's a scary world out there. Mother knows best. One way or another, something will go wrong, I swear.

Thank you to everyone who just sang it with me, haha! Whenever I think of advice I get from my mom, this song from Tangled automatically plays in my head. It’s true in my case though, even in beauty! I didn’t listen to my mom when she told me not to shave my underarm hair and look where that got me. What will we ever do without our mommies? In honor of Mothers’ Day, we're paying tribute to our moms by sharing their little nuggets of beauty knowledge!

Liz: I have this nasty habit of thinking that I know better than my mother. When I was young, she told me not to have my hair straightened. I hated my hair back then and was willing to sacrifice its health for a "prettier" look, so I didn't listen to her! After two chemical treatments my hair just basically went to shit. It took at least five years to grow the damage out, and even then my hair was not the same again. 

Basically, the best advice she's given me is to always listen to her advice. She knows best, I've found out, after making mistakes I could've easily avoided. This applies to things beyond beauty! She is that wise.

Den: My mother is one of those people who won't be caught dead looking anything less than presentable. I remember her wearing a corset, stockings, makeup and curling/blowdrying her hair for work every day! She never actually taught me about makeup but I spent many hours watching her in front of her lighted vanity (of course) and waiting for her to finish having her nails done at the parlor, so I learned about her philosophy on always looking elegant. My most memorable quote from her: Always wear nice underwear so if you ever get in an accident and they have to undress you, your panties are not nakakahiya! :))

Kim: My mom told me never to skip SPF! She took sun protection lightly as a teen, and she went on to regret that decision after seeing her SPF-loving friends age more gracefully than she did. I’m so grateful that I started early cause I want skin like her amigas’ when I become a Tita of Manila!

Stacie: My mom never gave me beauty advice per se but I did learn much from her by watching her. The best one I've learned is to always remove all traces of makeup. My mom is the type to remove her makeup during lunch break and do it all over again! Then she removes it again at night, with a much more thorough cleansing routine.

Jorj: My mother's not the kikay type, so she wasn't one to dole out beauty tips. However, I did learn two things I still do to this day by observing her: use oil as hair mask and never be afraid to wear red lipstick.

VB: One of my fondest childhood memories would be watching mom get ready to go out. It was a whole ritual that involved lotions, creams, hair sprays, and mascara. And my favorite beauty tidbits? Remove your makeup with cold cream, always use hand cream, and curl your lashes. But the most ingenious would be to transfer mild or unscented baby powder and spritz a bit of perfume in it, shake, and use a puff to apply. It works well and helps the fragrance last longer too. (P.S. Love you, Mommy!)

Angela: My mommy is not much of a beauty lover like me. But she's really beautiful and I've always seen how she fixes herself. She's simple but elegant and that's what I learned from her. You don't need to apply much to look beautiful. She only puts on lipstick, eyeliner, and light foundation when going out on normal days. It comes from within, really. She's always taught me to be optimistic and to smile. She also tells me all the time to have good posture and walk like a lady (because I have such bad posture!). But it's really important for her to have pretty shoes, bags, and clothes that are well-taken care of.

Marielle: To be honest, my mom and I have polar opposite views when it comes to beauty. She can't stand wearing lipstick, while I can't live without it. We don't like the same fragrances. Her beauty routine is basic and often rushed, whereas I have elaborate ceremonies. When it comes to shadow palettes, however, I admit to have taken inspiration from her taste colors. My love for metallics, neutrals, pinks, and purples all came from watching her create the most amazing shadow color combinations over the years. (To think she's never even gone near a shader brush in her life!)

Pretty sure these are beauty tips that we'll want to pass on to our kids! I can’t wait for the PV kiddos to be the kikay-est girls in town! What's the best beauty wisdom that you got from your mom? Do share it with us below in the comments!