Glitter 3 Ways: Looks for the Maria Clara, Party Girl, and Ultimate Kabogera

BYS Glitter Face and Body Kits (P599, SM Beauty) are one of those impulse buys that make so much sense at the time. Everyone wants to level up their look somehow, and what better way to do it than with shiny glitter? The thing is, it can be a little challenging to think up of ways to actually pull them off. In this post, I'm going to show you three ways to use the cosmetic glitter in the BYS Glitter Face and Body Kit in Sea Diamonds, for different comfort levels!

The kit consists of a Glitter Fix Primer and three jars of glitter: circular metallic pink, star-shaped metallic blue, and iridescent white-pink-gold fibers. While the white fibers had the most interesting shine profile, it doesn't really really show through unless you apply it over a colored base. The two metallic glitters on the other hand, were quite show-stopping! The circular pink ones caught just a little bit more light than the blue star-shaped ones, probably due to their shape.


The primer is glycerin-based, so it’s a gentle yet flexible adhesive, perfect for sticking glitter over moving skin. In my trials, I found that applying too much primer didn’t necessarily make the glitter stick better. Excess primer smears around, all over the glitters, and causes them to clump and apply unevenly. When they’re clumped, the glitters don’t all adhere perfectly and many of them fall out throughout the day.

The best way is to apply enough primer just to have a thin wet coat of product. Then, using a moist toothpick, a silicone brush, or even your moist fingertip, pick up the glitter and apply with gentle pressure on the still-wet primer. Once they’re set (about 5 minutes) they’re pretty fixed! I was emoting and moving as normal throughout my trial,s and the glitters felt really secure. I didn’t get to sweat during my trials though, so I can’t exactly say how life-proof the primer is.

A word of warning: The BYS Glitter Face and Body Kit is actually not recommended for use in the eye and lip area. That’s why I limited myself to just a few pieces and only wore the eye looks for the shoot, knowing that I wouldn’t be moving much. The Primer was not formulated for use with the eye and lip area, and the glitter can get into the eye or accidentally swallowed. Do curate your looks very carefully, and seek lip-safe glitter or stick to glitter eyeshadow if you intend to wear it for prolonged periods of time!


Demure Level: Beauty Mark

Face and body glitters are often larger than typical craft glitter. This makes them the perfect size as a modern take on the beauty mark! You can take one glitter and put it in place of a beauty mark: near your eyebrow ala Angelina Jolie, under the eye like Dita Von Teese, on your cheek ala Marilyn Monroe, or right above your lips like Cindy Crawford. The size is perfect for a subtle kick of sass!

I loved Willow Smith’s 2016 Met Gala makeup. She painted silver circles right under her lower lashes, and I think that’s so unique! It's edgy, minimalist, and super easy to do with some strategically placed glitter. To cop the look, apply the BYS Glitter Fix Primer on the desired area. Wet the tip of a toothpick or take a silicone brush (if you have one) to pick up a piece of glitter. Place on top of glue primer, and you're done!

Keep your brow soft and your eyeliner strong to maximize attention on your beauty mark. I drew my eyeliner before applying the glitter because that's how I elongate my eyes, and I needed to follow the new “center” of my eyes. If I based the placement on my natural eyes, I would look cross-eyed! 


Party Level: Accent Feature

There are way too many examples of glitter lips and halo eyes, and I felt this tutorial wouldn’t be so helpful if we just echoed everyone else. Instead, for bigger impact, why not go with glitter freckles?

The trend is popular enough to inspire people to actually tattoo them on but not everyone has that level of commitment (it is a trend, after all). Besides, upping your glow factor with some sparkles is a lot more fun!

Draw the freckles first with a soft eyebrow pencil so you have a guide to follow. Place them down your cheeks, hairline to hairline, with wide spacing. Afterwards, add freckles across your cheekbones, and place some on the nose. A random-looking pattern looks better and more freckle-like than uniform spacing.

Once you’re happy with the freckle placement, dot the adhesive on several freckles at a time and use a wet toothpick or a silicone brush to pick up the glitters one by one. It sounds tedious but it only took me about 15 minutes to complete this look. I actually had to stop myself because I was having so much fun!

In this look, I went with soft brows and lips. You may go with stronger brows and metallic lips if you want to create a stronger look.


Bongga Level: Half Mask

The easiest way to level-up makeup short of full-on face painting is by painting an accent piece on the ‘c’ that connects your brow bone and cheek bone. This does not flatter my face shape so I went ahead with another design, a half mask.

Inspired by the Sea Diamonds shade, I created an aqua smokey eye framed by white brows. I then painted a wavy design from my forehead to my eye, and set that with the round pink glitters. I let that dry first before setting the primer for the star blue glitter that would blend with the pink near my eye. In setting the blue glitters, I let some of them blend messily with the pink wave so the placement would not look too neat and artificial. I also dotted some random blue glitters across my eyelid to evoke a more natural wave-like feel but I made sure to secure the random stars and to keep the majority of the glitter placement away from my eye.  

Lastly, I patted some of the furry white glitter on my brows. I also wore a headband that made my hair look like jellyfish to complete this Sea Diamonds look. This look is pretty out there but it's a fun way to stand out at parties or music festivals!

I wore my glitter looks for extended hours and the primer surprisingly holds. You just need to be careful because some placements (especially around the nose area) can get itchy!


For removal, the glitter primer washes off via tap water completely and easily. I didn't even need to get warm water. The glitters themselves stick to moisture and oil so remove your foundation with wipes or micellar water first. Then, use foaming cleanser to remove the last bits of glitter primer and foundation. If any glitters still remain, use sticky tape to quickly pick them off. The only real bother is picking off bits of glitter that migrated to my hair.

I would also like to remind everyone to glitter responsibly. Water waste (along with glitter) drains into oceans so make sure wash off your glitter over strainers and throw the collected particles in the garbage. While the strainer may not catch all the glitter (as they come in different sizes), it helps to do what you can.

No-makeup makeup looks will always be a staple but there are days when you just wanna be extra. Playing with glitter is an easy way to do that, and it doesn't necessarily mean looking like a full-on disco ball. It's definitely possible to incorporate glitter into your look, within your comfort level, and hopefully this helped you get some creative juices flowing!

Have you ever tried wearing glitter before? How would you want to wear it?

BYS is available in all major department stores. This story is brought to you by BYS Cosmetics.