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This edgy BYS celebrity collab is made for the dance floor

She’s one of the most sought-after choreographers in the country, guiding the biggest stars on how to rock the dancefloor. And with her distinctive and somewhat quirky style, it’s not hard to see why Georcelle Dapat-Sy (aka, Teacher Georcelle) was tapped by BYS Cosmetics to collaborate on a daring new line of lipsticks. There’s a new MOVE in town that you’re gonna want to try!

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Beauty Roundup: A huge FENTY Beauty drop, Lady Gaga’s beauty line, and a new endorser for BYS

Hello, 2019!!! How has your first week been so far, PV fam? We hoped it’s been filled with nothing but good food, loads of laughs, and tons of beauty! This week’s roundup is the perfect way to celebrate the first weekend of the year as we’re talking Benefit Cosmetics newest makeup product (they haven’t launched something like this since 2014), FENTY Beauty’s epic drop, and exciting news from BYS! We also have an update on Lady Gaga’s beauty company and L’Oreal’s newest foundation! Are yah ready? Let’s go!

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Celebrate Independence Day with the Lustrous Freedom Sale!

When it comes to enjoying art in everyday life, there’s nothing quite like makeup. Using brushes, mixing colors, and creating beauty is an artistic process, and for many makeup users, it’s also a form of self-expression. Even if there are restrictions on what you can wear to work or school, you can own your beauty with a choice lipstick or bold eye look!

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Nadine Lustre x BYS: First impressions plus swatches of all the palettes

Some weeks back, there was a lot of buzz on social media about Nadine Lustre launching her own makeup line with Australian brand BYS. With practically no photos of the actual products and just a few teasers on an Instagram account, all I could back then was stalk the hashtag #LustrousPH and hope for more details before pre-ordering the Limited Lustrous Box Makeup Kit for P2,999. I've been a fan of Nadine since Diary ng Panget and the phenomenal teleserye, On The Wings of Love so it only felt right to add something of hers to my vanity. And so, I slid into Lustrous PH’s DMs.

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Beauty News: Colorful brows, My Little Pony masks, and concealer for your hair

Looking forward to getting some rest and recreation in the upcoming holidays? Let's get it started with the most colorful beauty roundup! We’ve got the latest buzz on Glamglow’s newest masks and, spoiler alert: they’re freaking adorable! Check out how L’Oreal can help even out your hair color and hide those pesky grays in mere seconds. Did we mention Althea’s newest setting powder shade? Have a read on what exactly you should be buzzing about in the beauty department!

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Matte, Shimmer, or Glow: Three new BYS face primers to keep an eye out for

Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t believe in using face primers. It seemed like an unnecessary step and additional expense, until finally trying one made me do a complete 180! Once addicted, I ended up collecting  different kinds of primers: pore-filling, oil-controlling, moisturizing, brightening, color-correcting, and even ones with SPF. You see, I have sensitive combination skin so I cycle through these primers according to how my skin looks and feels like when I wake up. Sometimes, I even end up using different primers on targeted areas of my face!

So I was excited to discover that BYS had three new face primers in rather interesting variants: one for oily skin, one with hydrating pearls, and yet another with gold flakes. The pearls and gold flakes are particularly unique in my perspective, so I was very curious to give these a try.

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Beauty Roundup: Nadine x BYS, FENTY’s limited edition highlighter, and juicy updates on Deciem

Welcome to the weekend, PV girls! It’s time for another beauty roundup, and boy, do we have some seriously chikka-worthy stuff for you all! The local beauty scene is hot with news of another exciting celebrity collab, while Sephora shopping carts are quickly being cleared for checkout. If you’re a fan of 80’s music, fashion and makeup, there’s a drugstore collection that’s sure to make you look and feel like a Jem and the Holograms member. We’ve also got a FENTY Beauty birthday treat care of Rihanna and the latest updates on the drama unfolding at Deciem. You're going to need to take a seat 'cause this one will be a doozy!

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Glitter 3 Ways: Looks for the Maria Clara, Party Girl, and Ultimate Kabogera

BYS Glitter Face and Body Kits (P599, SM Beauty) are one of those impulse buys that make so much sense at the time. Everyone wants to level up their look somehow, and what better way to do it than with shiny glitter? The thing is, it can be a little challenging to think up of ways to actually pull them off. In this post, I'm going to show you three ways to use the cosmetic glitter in the BYS Glitter Face and Body Kit in Sea Diamonds, for different comfort levels!

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Nine last minute gifts to grab for your beauty junkie friend

As you read this, I’ll probably be at the mall making a mad dash to finish all my Christmas shopping. Yes, I have once again procrastinated on buying gifts as I have done all the years before, and I finally figured out why: I simply have no idea what to get for some people on my list!

The easiest people to shop for were all my friends who are into beauty as well. My plan was simple: if I want it, they probably would, too! But there are many different types of beauty addictions so if you want to really curate according to what they’re into, here’s a quick easy guide to follow.

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This drugstore SFX makeup line is all you need for Halloween

Halloween is a pretty fun holiday! There’s no other time of the year when people can go all out, dressing up in crazy costumes or paying homage to their fandoms. It does get pretty intimidating though, especially since a crazier concept means crazier materials and some SFX know-how.

My training as a makeup artist involves SFX makeup. I thought only expensive brands have it and that I may even need to order abroad, but I'm so glad that there's a super affordable option locally!

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The Beauty Roundup: Fenty skincare, peel-off eyeliner, and a massive eyeshadow sale

It’s the weekend already? That’s hot. How about we take a trip down memory lane for this week’s roundup? Everyone’s favorite socialite Paris Hilton is back and apparently the Internet is going crazy for her... wait for it... makeup line! Speaking of online buzz, one Korean beauty brand is making waves online with the first ever shade expansion for BB cushions, and RiRi has been extra busy with FENTY! From highlighters to glitter liners, this week is fun, flirty and oh so very “hoooot.”

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Budget Beauty: The top five best-sellers from BYS for P700 and less

I’ve long been intrigued by BYS Cosmetics. I see them in the beauty section all the time but the sleek black packaging has always made me think that their products are more for professional makeup artists! In a way, I wasn’t entirely wrong - the Australian drugstore brand promises exceptional quality and value for money, and in terms of professional usage, they’ve actually partnered up with the Center for Aesthetic Studies, a respected makeup school in Manila. The brand does not test on animals and when I finally looked it up, I was surprised to see that their prices are actually reasonable even for my student budget. 

Here's a roundup of their top five best-sellers, and what they look like on my morena skin + dark hair!

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