Nine last minute gifts to grab for your beauty junkie friend

As you read this, I’ll probably be at the mall making a mad dash to finish all my Christmas shopping. Yes, I have once again procrastinated on buying gifts as I have done all the years before, and I finally figured out why: I simply have no idea what to get for some people on my list!

The easiest people to shop for were all my friends who are into beauty as well. My plan was simple: if I want it, they probably would, too! But there are many different types of beauty addictions so if you want to really curate according to what they’re into, here’s a quick easy guide to follow.


For your chok chok obsessed friend: Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Face Masks (P65 each in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

I think sheet masks make for the best gifts because they’re affordable, come in different variants, and always welcome! You don’t have to worry about duplicating a product in their collection because you can’t have too many face masks. From a newcomer Korean brand, choose from Yellow (honey and snail), Brown (red ginseng), Red (rose and pomegranate), White (shea butter and rice), Yellow Green (cucumber and bamboo), and Sky Blue (swallow’s nest and milk).

For your perfectly-manicured tita: Kiss Press N Go Nails (P399 in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

Why bother with a bottle of polish when you can get rid of the drying wait time altogether? You only have to peel the sticker backing, press the gel nail onto your own, and you’re done! No need for touch up jobs or worrying about getting discolored nails. Tita can skip the parlor and just head straight to Mary Grace to see her amigas.


For your kilay fanatic bestie: Kiss NY Eyebrow Stamp (P649 in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

Perfecting the shape of my brows is always the lengthiest step in my makeup routine because I obsess about whether it looks right. An eyebrow stamp offers an easy, speedy solution: just stamp it on! You can use it to create an outline to fill with your fave brow products, or rely on its powers if you just have one minute to do your entire face.


For your power dressing colleague: Fabio Verso Enthusiasmo Eau de Parfum (P699 in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

A bright red lip and a sharp cat eye may look impressive to fellow makeup enthusiasts (we understand how difficult it is to keep your wings even!) but there’s nothing like a good perfume to create a lasting impression on everyone in the room. The oriental floral scent feels feminine, powerful, and confident. It has notes of pomegranate, orchid, violet, amber, and musk.

For your oil control film hoarder sister: Bell Cosmetics Fixing Mat Powder (P699 in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

Staying shine-free can be quite a challenge in our tropical climate, and it’s always great to get some help! This cute compact reduces shine without looking cakey, and can even be used as a setting powder. Plus, the hypoallergenic formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin!

For your perpetually tan surfing buddy: BYS Bronze Palette (P799 in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

Missing the waves but can’t get out of the city? Use makeup to recreate that sunkissed glow! This palette contains eight bronzing shades in both matte and shimmer finishes, so it’s easy to mix and match, no matter your current skin tone.


For your always-in-a-rush kabarkada: Wet Brush Cushion Pop Fold in Pink (P899 in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

There’s one in every group: perpetually late, slightly harried, with hair still wet from her shower. Fixing her locks with an ordinary comb can damage the strands but the magic of Wet Brush can make them softer, shinier, and even dry faster!


For your ever-elegant maternal unit: Bi-es La Bella Vita Eau de Parfum (P899 in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

My mom is one of those types who can’t go anywhere without looking properly polished, and wearing fragrances always make you seem even more dressed up. Floral and slightly woody, this perfume feels darling and cheery. Iris and violet make up the heart notes, bergamot and citrus make it feel energizing, while wood and vanilla offer a comforting warmth.


For your personal Rapunzel: Eva NYC Hair Iron (P3,599 in SM Beauty and Watsons stores)

One of the perks of having long hair is having plenty of styling options, and this tool is a fabulous option. Kim has showed us how she uses the iron to either smooth out her hair, or create a bunch of pretty curls! You have control over the iron temperature so you can easily adjust how hot you want the heat to be, while the floating ceramic plates help ensure that your hair doesn’t get damaged.

What beauty gifts are you giving out this year? Which ones would you want for yourself?