Cream Tint Battle: Which brand has the best lip, cheek, and eye cream?

Ah, the multi-pot - endlessly desirable (at least for me) yet somewhat difficult to manage. We already love cream blushes, but I love the idea of having one product I can use for multiple applications that I can toss into my bag. They’re also a hot topic due to the new Sunnies Face Airblush release, so for those who want to be more conscientious about their beauty purchases, we decided to test it out together with other cream products to find out which one reigns supreme.


We gathered together a total of 6 cream formulas:

  • 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in Cabbage Rose, P1,485 for 4.2g at Sephora PH

  • K-Palette Lasting Cheek Tint in 01, P795 at Beauty Bar

  • Canmake Cream Cheek in 16, P550 at Beauty Bar

  • Ellana Tinted Lip & Cheek Balm Stain in Strawberry Daquiri and Autumn Martini, P449 each for 8g at

  • Sunnies Face Airblush in Disco, P445 for 2.5g at Sunnies Face

  • Colourette Coloursnap Dewy Multi-Stain in Babe, P250 at

But here’s the thing! Not all of them are made explicitly for eye and lip use as well, which is why I decided to evaluate them from multiple angles (and in charts!!!) so you can choose which works best for you.



Best: 3CE Take a Layer

I’m actually surprised that there’s even a product that can work on all three applications well enough! Multi-use products usually function best at just one or two kinds of application, but even as I write this after a full day of wear, the pigments are still alive and sit comfortably well on my skin. Wow?!

Worst: Canmake Cream Cheek

This could totally work as a lip stain as well but even evaluating as a cheek product, it doesn’t last long at all, despite its powder finish. This probably works better on super dry skin, but on normal skin, it’s out in the first two hours. At least the pigments are nice.



Best: 3CE Take a Layer

I was first skeptical of the shade range but the pigments can be diffused and layered to accommodate multiple skin depths. Plus, it lasts through a regular work day, which is a godsend for lazy girls.

Ellana and K-Palette perform well, too, and don’t disturb the foundation beneath. Sunnies Face lasts longer than Ellana but can wreck the foundation beneath if you swipe rather than pat.

Worst: Canmake Cream Cheek

As mentioned above, it fades by the second hour, prompting multiple applications throughout the day. The compact lacks a mirror so you’ll need to tote one separately or make a trip to the restroom to reapply. Baffling.

Meh: Colourette Coloursnap

It’s just fine, but compared to other Colourette cheek products, these fare worse in longevity, possibly because it’s billed as a dewy multi-stain. At least it makes the skin finish nice?



Okay, let me go ahead and say none of these are made to last the day as most are obliterated after a meal.

Best: Ellana Tinted Lip & Cheek Balm Stain

Since it’s super pigmented (almost a little too much, actually), it lasts the best after a meal, but not by a mile. The packaging allows for easy reapplication though.

Worst: Colourette Coloursnap and Canmake Cream Cheek

These two can fade after… a drink…from a straw. That’s all.

Meh: Sunnies Face Airblush

When applied it’s nice and buildable, but as it fades it leaves the lip line colored, which is the opposite of what I want. I do not want to look unkempt.



Best: 3CE Take a Layer

As I said, this comes as a surprise. The pigment actually lasts on my oily lids, although I don’t place myself in situations where I’d sweat through it.

Meh: Ellana, Colourette, Canmake

Not that they’re particularly made for the eye, but if you don’t like creasing, stay away. Ellana has multipurpose pigments though, which may be a better option.

Notable mention: Sunnies Face

I was pleasantly surprised that it lasted until the 6-hour mark despite its powdery texture, since the lip faded quickly.

Note: The Ellana Lip & Cheek Balm is not really meant to be used for the eye area due to the nature of the pigment. For a cream product that’s multipurpose, go for the Ellana Multipurpose Color Cream instead! Our editor Liz loves it for quick swipe and go color on her eyes.



Best: K-Palette Lasting Cheek Tint and 3CE Take a Layer

Not too creamy, not too powdery - both products give you ample space to blend and layer. The K-Palette leans more matte but is so pleasant to work with, especially because the tint is on the sheerer side (relative to the color in the pot). Both are layer-able, blend-able, and swipe-able, without disturbing the products beneath.

Worst: Colourette

It feels somewhat tacky due to its balm finish, and thus has a tendency to migrate.

Comfortable wear

Comfortable wear

Best: Ellana

So smooth. So buttery, but not too slippery. These work best on the lips as they marry comfort and performance.

Worst: Sunnies Face and Colourette

Sunnies Face is too much for the lips, and Colourette is too moisturizing. Both do not last long enough to justify the discomfort.

Overall, the best of the bunch is the 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in terms of performance, pigment, and comfort. It’s also the most expensive option but perhaps for good reason. BRB, I’m restructuring my budget to buy these.


Which product appeals to you the most? Do you actually use cream products for the eyes, lips, and cheeks? Let’s discuss.