Stila Holiday 2013: Portrait Of A Perfect Eye Palette

I like myself the least when I'm obsessing something. It starts slow and steady, a passing thought, a random craving. Then it slowly builds in intensity and irritates me endlessly unless I give in to it, or in this case, have it. Sigh. But whatever! Let's discuss another holiday collection, this time from Stila. ^_^

Stila has these awesome gift sets that are pretty good value for the price. Like this box of glosses - you get nine tubes for P1,750! That's basically P195 per lip gloss. Crazy. I love that they are also boxed in mini-sets so you can give two and keep one for yourself. Or the other way around. *medyo evil laugh*

I will review these glosses next time. For now though, I'd like to show you the Portrait Of A Perfect Eye Palette (P850), a neutral eyeshadow compact with gorgeous warm shades. Yes, I'm also surprised that it's only P850 for like six colors! This is precisely the reason you should keep track of holiday collections. Brands often sell some items for slightly cheaper than the average price. ;)

I've reviewed a Stila palette before and I still enjoy it up to this day. The colors are all creamy and ultra pigmented, plus they are so well-chosen. It's the same with this holiday palette! I love the six shades and how they blend perfectly together. It's a great daily palette with subtle shimmery eyeshadows that you can intensify as you wish.

The compact can feel rather flimsy but it's slim and small, so it's convenient to bring around everywhere (if you don't mind not having a mirror). Cardboard packaging these days are fairly sturdy anyway. Just don't sit on it and it'll be fine. :P

On to the swatches + look!

Parchment, Organza, Vintage

Linen, Antique, Rosewood

Parchment, Organza, Vintage, Linen, Antique, Rosewood

Parchment is not as creamy as the others; in fact it's kinda hard, but like Rosewood it's meant to be a blending color rather than a wash. I like to mix it with a bit of Linen to create a browbone shade, or by itself to soften harsh lines I may have made.

Organza is my fave shade here; it's the perfect pinkish bronze gold! It's fabulous as a lid wash. ^_^ As with any eyeshadow though, use a primer to intensify the colors and to keep them from falling apart during the day. 

Here I have Antique on the inner lids, Vintage on the outer half of the lids and crease, Rosewood on the outer v, and Parchment mixed with Linen on my brow bones. This I would say is my ideal neutral eye; warm, well-blended, and subtle enough that when I open my eyes it looks like I'm barely wearing any eyeshadow.

So there you go. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed looking through Stila's collection! Would you be grabbing anything? I'm interested in that eyeliner set, I've tried one from Stila before and it's amazingly longwearing. You know how I feel about colored eyeliners, too! We'll see. 


Stila is available in Rustan's.