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Beauty Roundup: Drunk Elephant in PH, NYE eye shadows, and NARS’s new face

Happy New Year, PV readers! I know we just celebrated (and are all still recovering) Christmas but boy, does this week’s roundup have us excited for 2019! With a cult fave skincare brand landing in the PH to a supermodel’s first ever beauty campaign (you’ll never believe it’s her first!) and the perfect color changing eye shadow for that NYE party, this roundup is party perfect!

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Stila Bronzing Powder in Sweet Treat

Bronzers are usually shimmery affairs, although every so often there's one that's almost matte. This kind of finish is more suited to those who want warmth on their skin but prefer to avoid extra shine on top of their oily face. If that's what you're after, the Stila Bronzing Powder in Sweet Treat (~P800) fits the bill!

Out next month, this bronzer creates a lovely warmth on the face without having too much shimmer in it. It has a couple of shimmery blocks in the grid, yes, but the rest are matte. The colors run the gamut of skin-enhancing shades - tan, brown, peach, and champagne. They're even pigmented enough that you can use them as eyeshadows if you wish.

But don't worry, this bronzer won't give you Snickers bar cheeks when you apply it. ;) It starts out very soft, then you can build it up until you get your desired intensity. It has a smooth, satiny texture which makes it easy to blend and layer.



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Lip Gloss Week: Stila Lip Glaze

What do you usually do on Saturday mornings? I either read a book or play a video game. I try not to do anything work-related or even blog-related on weekends, but I want to write about these glosses before my themed week officially ends. ^_^ I think they're quite good!

This Stila Lip Glaze Set (P1,750) was part of the brand's Holiday 2013 Collection. It was such an awesome deal, that all told each lip gloss just cost P195. I'm not sure if this is still available, but I would wager that it is since limited ed holiday stuff are usually on counters until late January.

I gave one set as a gift and kept the other two lol. Here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons!

What I love about the product

  • Surprisingly pigmented, with a super smooth glossy finish. I get medium coverage with most of the shades I have here. It's not crazy opaque but the jelly effect is quite nice.
  • The gloss isn't drying. You can also get away with wearing lip balm underneath (it won't affect the texture, that is).

The pliable synthetic brush has a squarish shape that helps you do a more precise application

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Stila Holiday 2013: Portrait Of A Perfect Eye Palette

I like myself the least when I'm obsessing something. It starts slow and steady, a passing thought, a random craving. Then it slowly builds in intensity and irritates me endlessly unless I give in to it, or in this case, have it. Sigh. But whatever! Let's discuss another holiday collection, this time from Stila. ^_^

Stila has these awesome gift sets that are pretty good value for the price. Like this box of glosses - you get nine tubes for P1,750! That's basically P195 per lip gloss. Crazy. I love that they are also boxed in mini-sets so you can give two and keep one for yourself. Or the other way around. *medyo evil laugh*

I will review these glosses next time. For now though, I'd like to show you the Portrait Of A Perfect Eye Palette (P850), a neutral eyeshadow compact with gorgeous warm shades. Yes, I'm also surprised that it's only P850 for like six colors! This is precisely the reason you should keep track of holiday collections. Brands often sell some items for slightly cheaper than the average price. ;)

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