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Oil Control Week: Mario Badescu Silver Powder

Nope, it's technically not makeup! The Mario Badescu Silver Powder (P745) is more like a face mask and acne troubleshooter than anything else. It's a skincare product that could pass off as finishing powder - actually, if you really want to maximize it, you can add a pinch of it to your loose powder just to amp up the oil-controlling properties. Just a pinch for one jar, no more.

For the Silver Powder is crazy oil absorbent. It contains calcium carbonate, which is a kind of chalk commonly used in mineral makeup, as well as kaolin clay (usually found in masks and long-wearing makeup) and zinc oxide (a sunscreen agent). It's mission is clear and devastatingly simple: to absorb excess oil and bring blackheads to the surface.

To use, dip a damp cotton bud into the powder and cover your nose with the wet powder. That should bring out most of the oil and impurities hiding near the surface of the skin.

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Stila Bronzing Powder in Sweet Treat

Bronzers are usually shimmery affairs, although every so often there's one that's almost matte. This kind of finish is more suited to those who want warmth on their skin but prefer to avoid extra shine on top of their oily face. If that's what you're after, the Stila Bronzing Powder in Sweet Treat (~P800) fits the bill!

Out next month, this bronzer creates a lovely warmth on the face without having too much shimmer in it. It has a couple of shimmery blocks in the grid, yes, but the rest are matte. The colors run the gamut of skin-enhancing shades - tan, brown, peach, and champagne. They're even pigmented enough that you can use them as eyeshadows if you wish.

But don't worry, this bronzer won't give you Snickers bar cheeks when you apply it. ;) It starts out very soft, then you can build it up until you get your desired intensity. It has a smooth, satiny texture which makes it easy to blend and layer.



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Manicure Mondays: NARS Sharplines

Happy Monday to you! I'm going to El Nido tomorrow and I have a hundred things to do before I can finally chill out. But maybe not. I will most likely bring my laptop to work in the evenings/early morning - I might not be able to finish everything in time. Best of luck to me!

Anyway, thought I'd do Manicure Mondays today. Buuut I have to apologize first. This nail polish came out last year and is limited edition; it is no longer for sale. I wasn't sure if I should still post it but what the heck! This color is easily in one of my top five favorite nail polishes EVER. I think it deserves the space, albeit posthumously. 

The NARS x Pierre Hardy Collection came out last summer, featuring two blushes and six nail polish duos. I got Sharplines, two colors individually called "Left" and "Right". Haha. Simple enough. The polish I'm wearing here is Sharplines Right. I can not, for the life of me, find the Left but I will post it on Instagram (@lizlanuzo) when I do since it's also a lovely color.

Sharplines Right is a beautiful deep burgundy, slightly wine-y color that looks like duhat. Remember duhat, that grape-slash-cherry-like fruit with a pit inside? My grandparents had a tree in their backyard when I was younger. During the summer, when the fruit is ripe, I'd climb the roof with my cousins and fill our pockets with it. Fun times. I had a really awesome childhood.

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Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme Eau de Toilette

How important is packaging to you when it comes to perfumes? I've seen really expensive ones that come in simple bottles - I guess in those cases, the scent is queen. But I do like having beautiful mini-sculptures to have as a keepsake. Someday, when I have my dream dresser, I'm going to keep my favorite bottles there just to look at.  ^_^


Anyhoo, I recently received the new Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme Eau de Toilette to review. The box and bottle alone immediately made my day (it doesn't take a lot, really!) because they look so striking. I don't have anything like it!

This scent is inspired by the modern bohemian woman. She lives an unconventional lifestyle. She's an adventurer who loves to travel, an artist with a romantic streak. She prefers to be herself and to express herself, sometimes against what is considered acceptable in today's society. The ruffled, printed skirt and floppy hats are just optional!

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Lip Gloss Week: Stila Lip Glaze

What do you usually do on Saturday mornings? I either read a book or play a video game. I try not to do anything work-related or even blog-related on weekends, but I want to write about these glosses before my themed week officially ends. ^_^ I think they're quite good!

This Stila Lip Glaze Set (P1,750) was part of the brand's Holiday 2013 Collection. It was such an awesome deal, that all told each lip gloss just cost P195. I'm not sure if this is still available, but I would wager that it is since limited ed holiday stuff are usually on counters until late January.

I gave one set as a gift and kept the other two lol. Here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons!

What I love about the product

  • Surprisingly pigmented, with a super smooth glossy finish. I get medium coverage with most of the shades I have here. It's not crazy opaque but the jelly effect is quite nice.
  • The gloss isn't drying. You can also get away with wearing lip balm underneath (it won't affect the texture, that is).

The pliable synthetic brush has a squarish shape that helps you do a more precise application

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Manicure Mondays: Deborah Lippmann Polish in Glitter And Be Gay

Talent is cheap. There's tons of people out there with a natural talent for certain things, but the fact is that unless they spend hours and hours honing that talent, it's just potential. It's like oil under the ground. We have to dig for it, pump it to the surface, and refine it until it's ready to sell and use. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's way too easy to be mediocre. Good, but never good enough. That's how I feel about the things I do, most days.

But on to lighter things! Specifically, a shiny gold glitter polish from Deborah Lippmann called Glitter And Be Gay (P825). This is part of the fall collection but I think it's a perfect holiday nail polish as well!

Glitter And Be Gay has gold, holo, and blue glitters of several sizes suspended in a warm yellow gel base. This is meant to be used as a topper, specifically for its sister, Fake It Till You Make It which I am also wearing here. I love the dimension of this glitter polish, and how it changes color in the light due to the holo glitter. I received a lot of compliments when I had this on!

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Stila Holiday 2013: Portrait Of A Perfect Eye Palette

I like myself the least when I'm obsessing something. It starts slow and steady, a passing thought, a random craving. Then it slowly builds in intensity and irritates me endlessly unless I give in to it, or in this case, have it. Sigh. But whatever! Let's discuss another holiday collection, this time from Stila. ^_^

Stila has these awesome gift sets that are pretty good value for the price. Like this box of glosses - you get nine tubes for P1,750! That's basically P195 per lip gloss. Crazy. I love that they are also boxed in mini-sets so you can give two and keep one for yourself. Or the other way around. *medyo evil laugh*

I will review these glosses next time. For now though, I'd like to show you the Portrait Of A Perfect Eye Palette (P850), a neutral eyeshadow compact with gorgeous warm shades. Yes, I'm also surprised that it's only P850 for like six colors! This is precisely the reason you should keep track of holiday collections. Brands often sell some items for slightly cheaper than the average price. ;)

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Deborah Lippman Polish in Fake It Till You Make It

Hey guys! Hope your long weekend has been great. Thought I'd pop in quickly to show you a gorgeous nail polish from Deborah Lippman's autumn collection - Jewel Heist! Jewel Heist has six new nail polishes, three bases and three glitter top coats. The colors are rich and packed with jewel-like glitter, so much so that your nails would feel a million bucks wearing them!

I have here the Fake It Till You Make It polish (love the name), a textured sandy gold speckled with red, green, and gold glitter. It doesn't look photogenic due to the chunky texture, but it is absolutely beautiful in person. It reminds me of paved jewelry, where dozens or even hundreds of mico jewels are set in the precious metal. The photo above shows a good example!


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Benefit now in Rustan's Makati!

Great news! Aside from Greenbelt 5 and Rustan's Shangri-La, you can now get your Benefit fix in Rustan's Makati. It's a boutique, not a counter, which for me makes the shopping experience so much better.

The new and shiny pink store

Aubrey Bautista, Benefit's Brand Manager, with event host Isabel Roces

Here are photos of the launch. I unfortunately was not able to make it (boohoo), which makes me sad, because everyone looks like they had a blast! Anyway aside from the new store, watch out for the new Benefit kits: three for the face and three for lips and cheeks. You'll love 'em if you love Benefit's clever palettes. ;)

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A beautiful afternoon at Estee Lauder's new counter in EDSA Shangri-La

I've heard that Rustan's in EDSA Shangri-La has undergone a renovation. True enough, the place looks so chica now! I remember it being a bit gloomy and admittedly shabby before. Now it's bright, fresh, with gleaming counters and warm beauty assistants.

Last Saturday, I went there to check out Estee Lauder's new counter. What can I say - they really outdid themselves this time! They're occupying a big space near the entrance, complete with a lounge and a long table for anyone who wants to play with EL makeup.

Feeling like a queen. Lol!

The place looks so posh and worthy of Estee Lauder as a premium brand. After touring it, I settled down to listen to a cool and fairly new makeup tip that EL shared to us beauty bloggers. It's called their 4-step Simple Smoky eyes inspired directly by EL's creative makeup director, Tom Pecheux.

Hi Julia! :D

Step 1: With a generous amount of eyeliner, draw a circle on the back of your hand about an inch across.

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Rustan's Beauty Source

Going inside Rustan's and inquiring about prices is nerve-wracking: agree or disagree? Call it shallow but checking out the luxury store was so intimidating when I was still in college! I knew I couldn't afford most of the things there, so I was quite shy and a bit scared to look and ask around. I couldn't bear the thought of being ignored or looked down on.

Now that I'm working though I am less intimidated. :P Once I was over my insecurity I found out that I was wrong about them. The people in Rustan's are actually super nice and always helpful! I love the attendants in the Clinique counter, as well as in Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Paul & Joe, and Laura Mercier - the ones in Rustan's Makati, where I always visit. They're very warm, easy to talk to, and I never felt unwelcome.

Anyway! I just wanted to share the new website called the Rustan's Beauty Source. At first I thought it was an online store like Beauty Bar, but it's actually more of an online catalogue with photos and prices.

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Guerlain Idylle

Sigrid Villamil, the product manager of Guerlain, once told me how Guerlain perfumes are distinct from each other with their own stories to tell. I completely agree. Shalimar is rich with tradition, the anthem of sophisticated women who never take no for an answer. Herba Fresca is a field of grass dotted by wildflowers, with sunlight streaming in a gentle glow.

And Guerlain Idylle? It's a bouquet of flowers presented to you by a charming gentleman as you walk in a candle-lit room wearing a gorgeous, flowing dress and strappy stilettos. You just met him, and you're excited to get to know him better, drunk with the promise of love. That moment in time is an idyll - a perfect scene, beautiful because you know it will never last.

I find Guerlain Idylle (P2,998) to be a truly versatile fragrance. It's not as heavy and musky as Shalimar nor as light and sharp as Herba Fresca - it's right in the middle, which allows you to wear it during the day or night.

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Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca

In a tropical weather like ours, it's best to avoid heavy, musky fragrances during the day. Why? As the day progresses and the sun goes higher, the heat tends to magnify the scent of the essential oils in your perfume. Imagine it mixing with copious amounts of sweat and natural oils in your body, and you've got a musky, strong smell that's not pleasant at all!

That's why I prefer using light, energetic scents for day. My past favorites are the DKNY Be Delicious EDP and the Benetton Giallo EDC for their lovely floral/ fruity fragrance that's made for beautiful sunny days. Lately though I find myself reaching out for one of Guerlain's best-loved perfumes called the Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca.

As the name suggests, this perfume smells like a basket of fresh herbs. It invokes mental images of walking in a field of grass, just before the sun rises, before the sparkly dew evaporates in the first rays of the day. It's got a pinch of citrus, a sprig of mint thrown in, and a lovely flowery mix just wafting from underneath. 

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