A beautiful afternoon at Estee Lauder's new counter in EDSA Shangri-La

I've heard that Rustan's in EDSA Shangri-La has undergone a renovation. True enough, the place looks so chica now! I remember it being a bit gloomy and admittedly shabby before. Now it's bright, fresh, with gleaming counters and warm beauty assistants.

Last Saturday, I went there to check out Estee Lauder's new counter. What can I say - they really outdid themselves this time! They're occupying a big space near the entrance, complete with a lounge and a long table for anyone who wants to play with EL makeup.

Feeling like a queen. Lol!

The place looks so posh and worthy of Estee Lauder as a premium brand. After touring it, I settled down to listen to a cool and fairly new makeup tip that EL shared to us beauty bloggers. It's called their 4-step Simple Smoky eyes inspired directly by EL's creative makeup director, Tom Pecheux.

Hi Julia! :D

Step 1: With a generous amount of eyeliner, draw a circle on the back of your hand about an inch across.

Step 2: Add a small amount of concealer onto your hand, then blend with the liner until the base is creamy smooth.

Step 3: using your finger, place a little of the base onto the lid. Then blend over the entire lid from the lashes to just past the crease.

4: Before it dries completely, apply your eye shadow over the base, pressing it into the base. This helps set the smoky look for hours.

Here's a video

Note: You can try other colors with this, in different finishes! Just remember to use the liquid concealer + creamy eyeliner as the base. Cool right?

Oh btw, Estee Lauder has also relaunched their popular DoubleWear line. It's a heavy coverage face base designed to last for hours on end. It does feel like it! I'll review the Double Wear Light soon.

And now, here are more photos of the new counter!

Phoebe checking out EL's color cosmetics

The basic skincare line

EL's premium line - Re-Nutriv - is primarily for repair and anti-aging

Here's the  plush lounge!

Beauty bloggers having a field day

Cibo was the caterer of the day. Love this resto!

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and the little tour. So, what do you think of Estee Lauder's remodeled counter? :)