Manicure Mondays: NARS Sharplines

Happy Monday to you! I'm going to El Nido tomorrow and I have a hundred things to do before I can finally chill out. But maybe not. I will most likely bring my laptop to work in the evenings/early morning - I might not be able to finish everything in time. Best of luck to me!

Anyway, thought I'd do Manicure Mondays today. Buuut I have to apologize first. This nail polish came out last year and is limited edition; it is no longer for sale. I wasn't sure if I should still post it but what the heck! This color is easily in one of my top five favorite nail polishes EVER. I think it deserves the space, albeit posthumously. 

The NARS x Pierre Hardy Collection came out last summer, featuring two blushes and six nail polish duos. I got Sharplines, two colors individually called "Left" and "Right". Haha. Simple enough. The polish I'm wearing here is Sharplines Right. I can not, for the life of me, find the Left but I will post it on Instagram (@lizlanuzo) when I do since it's also a lovely color.

Sharplines Right is a beautiful deep burgundy, slightly wine-y color that looks like duhat. Remember duhat, that grape-slash-cherry-like fruit with a pit inside? My grandparents had a tree in their backyard when I was younger. During the summer, when the fruit is ripe, I'd climb the roof with my cousins and fill our pockets with it. Fun times. I had a really awesome childhood.

ANYWAY. Sharplines Right is a great, classic color that suits my style. I wear it every now and then, and after 10 months I still haven't reached half of it. It's so pigmented that two thin coats is enough to get full coverage. It's so glossy that I don't need a top coat anymore. The wear-time is pretty good too, about three days before it starts to chip. Really awesome formula!

Again, I'm sorry that it took me too long to feature it. But hey, it's never too late to grab a NARS nail polish off the shelf. There are some lovely permanent colors available, and at least now you know that the formula is totally worth the investment. I'm not sure about the exact price but the Sharplines set was around P1,200+, so a polish should be around P700-900. Just a guess. ;)

How's your week looking like so far?

You can find NARS in Rustan's.