Hot from MAC: Huggable Lipcolour, the glossy lipstick that sticks

Matte and satin are forever but there's a renewed love for shiny lips in 2014. Glossy, luscious colors are all the rage as new formulas come out that challenge the stereotype. The new MAC Huggable Lipcolour (P1,150) is one such formula. It promises six whole hours of wear while moisturizing your lips at the same time. Too good to be true? Nope! It's for real alright. 

The Huggable Lipcolour is a cross between the Sheen Supreme and the Pro Longwear. It's shinier than Sheen Supreme, but it has the staying power of the Pro Longwear. It hugs my lips tightly and is loathe to let go even when I eat or drink!

This is limited edition! The Huggable Lipcolour comes in a gunmetal tube, as opposed to the usual black MAC packaging.

Eight hours is the longest I've worn this lipstick. At the end of it, there was still a glossy color on my lips. Seriously. It starts fading by the 5th hour but it never really goes away until I take it off. Even though it's long-wearing, it's moisturizing enough by itself. I can skip lip balm and my lips would feel alright!

Noel, a MAC Makeup Artist, applying the new lipstick on me

Love Beam is a juicy, mid-tone warm pink. It doesn't give me complete coverage, unfortunately, but I'm still digging it. It allows the natural color of my lips to show through which I don't really mind.

Here I am wearing Love Beam mixed with a Cremesheen lipstick called Lovelorn. It looks pretty solid here right? Here's a swatch of the Huggable color alone:

Still pretty! It looks like a fun, happy shade to have on. I've been wearing it since I got it and I'm really impressed by the staying power, mostly. I've never tried a glossy lipstick that sticks like this. I mean, after eight hours I still have a bit of it left on. Even matte lipsticks give up around that time, leaving just a stain and no product.

My very own MAC Face Chart <3

Overall, I highly recommend the MAC Huggable Lipcolour if you're looking for a long-wearing lipstick that won't dry out your lips. Some colors are only semi-opaque, like Love Beam, but the deeper ones have full coverage. Try it and see for yourself while this collection is still available!