Rustan's Beauty Source

Going inside Rustan's and inquiring about prices is nerve-wracking: agree or disagree? Call it shallow but checking out the luxury store was so intimidating when I was still in college! I knew I couldn't afford most of the things there, so I was quite shy and a bit scared to look and ask around. I couldn't bear the thought of being ignored or looked down on.

Now that I'm working though I am less intimidated. :P Once I was over my insecurity I found out that I was wrong about them. The people in Rustan's are actually super nice and always helpful! I love the attendants in the Clinique counter, as well as in Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Paul & Joe, and Laura Mercier - the ones in Rustan's Makati, where I always visit. They're very warm, easy to talk to, and I never felt unwelcome.

Anyway! I just wanted to share the new website called the Rustan's Beauty Source. At first I thought it was an online store like Beauty Bar, but it's actually more of an online catalogue with photos and prices. It's really neat when you want to browse for new products to try or looking for something specifically.

Cool right? I just wish that there's product information and more new articles to read. Right now, once you click on a product, you just see the photo. No information, just the photo. It would be more useful if there's something for us to go on short of Googling the product.

I hope to see more articles like this!

And that's it. Are you eyeing anything from Rustan's at the moment? I'm thinking of getting a Laura Mercier concealer, but I'm not sure yet!