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Beauty PRO Cosmetics Palettes: Swatches and FOTDs

Brigitte is a true-blue makeup addict who started collecting, reading, then blogging about cosmetics a few years ago. Then, she moved on to study and practice makeup artistry professionally. Finally, she came out with her own cosmetics line called Beauty PRO Cosmetics only recently. If that's not passion, then I don't know what is!

I like to think of Beauty PRO as makeup made by a makeup addict for makeup addicts. It has the perfect pigmentation and texture, with carefully chosen colors that are designed to be wearable (the Sweet and Smoky palette) and exciting (Crazy Colour). Let's go through the pros and cons, shall we?

What I love about the product

  • Beautiful colors that offer amazing color payoff. You don't need a base to make them pop out.
  • Great staying power. If you use a base, the eyeshadows will pretty much just stay where they are all day. If you don't use a base, you will get some creasing but the product won't slide off.
  • Powder is well-milled and tightly packed. You won't see any extenders here so there's no fall out.
  • Luxe packaging. I thought that the palettes would be housed in your average flimsy plastic, but no! Far from it. The palette is covered in faux leather, while the inside has a sort of tough textured surface that's easy to clean when the powder gets all over.

  • You get a generous amount of product per pan. It will be a loooong time before you run out of a color.
  • This may be minor, but I love how I feel like a pro whenever I use it! It's kind of literal, the name: Beauty PRO.

Sweet and Smokey palette swatches

First row

Second row

Third row

Sample looks

Crazy Colour palette swatches

First row

Second row

Third row

Sample looks

What I don't like about the product

  • Some of the colors can be too pigmented, so the dye kind of stains the brushes and skin. It's easy to take off though with the right makeup remover / brush cleaner.


  • This palette is more expensive than other similar products, but I do think that the luxe packaging, generous amount, and handpicked colors more than make up for the P1,800 price tag.


If you're an aspiring makeup artist, then these Beauty PRO Cosmetics Palettes are worth the investment. When you think about it, P1,800 is quite affordable for a palette that you plan to use for professional purposes! Get Crazy Colour for avant garde looks and Sweet and Smoky for bridal looks.

If you're not aiming to be a makeup artist, then Sweet and Smokey is still a must-have. It has gorgeous neutral colors that are matte and opaque, perfect for everyday office or school makeup.


I love it, obviously. I use it all the time! I love it even more because a fellow makeup addict poured her heart and soul into it. Congratulations for a great job, Brigitte!

You can purchase Beauty PRO Cosmetics at Digital Traincase.

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