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Review + Complete Swatches: The Revlon Looks Book Eyeshadow Palettes

Filipinas have definitely become a lot more interested in eyeshadow in recent years because of YouTube and Instagram. Before, we felt that eyeshadow wasn’t worth the kerfuffle so long as we had mascara, eyeliner, and kilay on, but now it’s become a fun way to dress up any look! There are hundreds of palettes in the market though, so allow me to share a recent Revlon find that’s under 900 pesos: the Looks Book Eyeshadow Palettes (P875 at Revlon counters).

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Day, Date, and Glam: Three looks to try using Pink Sugar’s new blushes and eyeshadow palette

When it comes to good quality makeup products that won’t break the bank, Pink Sugar is a constant favorite here on PV! From the time Liz first wrote about them in 2015, we’ve pretty much enjoyed everything from their 350-peso face powder to their pizza-proof lip tints. The formulas are good and reliable, but this local brand is continually finding ways to make their products even more user-friendly. So when they released a new variant of their well-loved Eye Candy Eyeshadow palette and a repackaged duo version of their Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color, I thought people needed to see these in action! 

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Positively Galactic: Why I'm smitten with the new Revlon Shoot The Moon collection

Revlon has been around since 1932. For 86 years it has innovated and defined beauty for generations of women, proving itself as a cosmetics business that has survived the test of time and fickle tastes. In the last few years, however, I’ve felt that Revlon has become boring. The brand comes out with solid, reliable products all the time, but people don’t get as excited about it when the competition for eyeballs and wallet space is so fierce.

With the new Shoot The Moon Collection though, I feel like Revlon is getting out of their funk and becoming a little (okay, a lot!) more experimental with their offerings. This recently released 16-piece collection is all about outer space in all its weird glamour - the deep blue packaging is sprinkled with gold shooting stars, rocket ships, and UFOs.

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Full review + Swatches: Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

I purchased the Urban Decay Born To Run Palette at the Sephora SoHo branch in New York. I didn’t enter Sephora with intention to buy ~a lot~ of makeup, but I ended up spending quite a bit inside! The hysteria is different inside a US Sephora store. I’ve been inside the stores in Singapore and Malaysia before, but the level of shopping energy is so different in New York. It’s like…ubusan ng makeup levels of excitement. It does catch.

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The Makeup Battle: Which is the best one out of five local eyeshadow palettes?

If you didn’t already know, the Philippine beauty scene is on fire. There have been waves of proudly Pinoy brands that are gaining recognition for releases that can easily compete with foreign brands in terms of quality and pricing. We’ve already featured local liquid lipsticks previously, so let’s complete the look with some noteworthy eyeshadow palettes!

I tried out five local eyeshadow palettes and did a wear test for each. I didn’t apply any eyeshadow primer underneath to see which ones offer the best color payoff and crease-resistant formula. For reference, I have dry skin that oils up on my T-zone later in the day.

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Rant: I'm not the makeup-optional girl that Glossier wants to sell to

I always come with a positive mindset whenever I try new products. In the decade that I've tested hundreds of products for Project Vanity, I've come to understand that each has its pros and cons and that what works for some may not work for me (that rolls the other way round too). Beauty, I love to say, is so personal. We buy things for different reasons and not all of them is based purely on how effective the product is.

That said, I didn't initially intend to write this review of some Glossier products I picked up online. There are other things for me to write about but Den our Managing Editor convinced me it should be out there. So why not? 

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The good and the bad with Happy Skin's Eye Can Do It 3-Way Palette

Brown is probably one of the most useful colors in makeup artistry. It allows us to contour our features, add contrast in strategic areas, and can be used pretty much anywhere from our scalp to our toes. Happy Skin was onto something when they created their new Eye Can Do It 3-Way Palette (P699 at as this contains two versatile shades of brown that glide and blend easily on skin. Let's take a closer look!

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Don't miss the Natasha Denona Holiday 2017 Palettes if you're a color lover

I am fascinated by how beauty brands are born. The best ones are more than just a business - they are made by passionate people who have something special to share to the world. That's why Natasha Denona is a brand to watch. The founder, for which the brand takes its name, is a former model who decided to become a self-taught makeup artist. Just hearing her talk about her passion for makeup and the artistry that it requires is so inspiring! She particularly enjoys doing editorial, high-voltage looks that packs a lot of color.

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