Review + How To: The Essence Contouring Eye Collection

If you already contour your face, why not spend an extra two minutes contouring your eyes? Many of us feel intimidated by eyeshadow palettes with a dizzying (though pretty) selection of colors. Sometimes, it pays to know the basics first or even just simplify an existing eyeshadow routine. I promise that it's not as hard as you think when it comes to achieving deeper, more defined eyes with just two colors!

Our fave German brand recently sent over some of their new products concerning the matter. I have here all shades of the Essence Contouring Eye Pencil (P279) and the Essence Contouring Eyeshadow Set (P249). Both items are quite affordable and perform well for the price. Let's see them in action.

The Essence Contouring Eye Pencil comes with a matte contour shade and a highlighter. The texture is creamy and easy to blend, but you do have to work fast before the formula sets. The effect of these two are subtle so I would recommend them for everyday eye contouring - something to swipe on and blend quickly if you're just stepping out.

The staying power of the Eye Pencil is about three hours with creasing if you don't use a primer. With primer, it creases only minimally and lasts for up to 4.5 hours. Between the two shades available, I would recommend the Chocolate Meets Vanilla more! It's a warm chocolate contour with a vanilla highlighter. I find Caramel Meets Frosting too cool on Filipina skin, but it might work better for you if you're fair.

I love using this pencil. It actually reminds me this old Shu Uemura crayon, my go-to years ago when I wanted an eye look with zero fuss! This Essence one is similarly easy to use. 

  • Step 1: I draw on a thick line on my crease, touching to the outer corner of my eyes. The top line doesn't go beyond half of my eye length.
  • Step 2: With a brush or fingers, I diffuse the lines outwards and downwards. See how soft the effect is? I can actually stop here as it already makes my hooded lids' sockets look deeper.
  • Step 3: I add the highlighter on the center of my lids then
  • Step 4: Make sure that no lines show. I just use my fingers to erase the lines!

Here's the finished look! Pretty no? I used a bronze Essence eyeliner on my top lash line to get some soft shimmer there. Now while I won't recommend this pencil to those who are looking to do a cut-crease or intense eye look, this is perfect for ladies who just want quick, subtly contoured eyes. I go for this look myself when I want some definition in my eye area while still keeping it fresh and light.

The Essence Contouring Eyeshadow Set comes in three neutral, sweetly-named shades. Mauve Meets Marshmallows is a matte mauve with a matte cool beige. Brownies With Frosting is a chocolate-y brown combined with a peachy shimmer, while Roses Meet Mahogany is a shimmery taupe with an icy white shimmer. Each of these are smooth and softly pigmented (think Bobbi Brown pigmentation levels), obviously intended for a natural look.

I find the Mauve and Roses duo too cool for my skin, so I stick with Brownies With Frosting as it harmonizes with my coloring best.

I would recommend using a primer with these shadows, as with any eyeshadow. Here's a look I did with Brownies With Frosting. Love how blendable the colors are - it's something both beginners and pros would appreciate, I think.

And that is that. ^_^ Let me know what you think, as always!