The Sunscreen Show Down: Spray-on sunscreens under P550

We recently did a sunscreen showdown, where we compared four different SPF lotions under P500. This time, let's discuss spray-on sunscreens! Compared to your typical lotion or cream-type formulas, spray-on sunscreens are a lot easier to work with. They dry easily and don't leave a thick, sticky feeling which some lotions may be guilty off. The spray mechanism also make it possible for you to apply protection on hard-to-reach places like your back.

The downside is that it can be tricky figuring out if you’ve applied enough product because spray-on sunscreen is generally colorless. It’s a good idea to pat on 3 to 4 layers on your face and spray for several seconds on your body until your skin looks a bit shiny. The aerosol format also makes these flammable so they should be stored with care, away from open flames and excessive heat.

Spray-on sunscreens are often a bit more expensive than their cream counterparts but we’ve found three under P600 for you to try out!

Céleteque Face and Body Sun Defense Spray, P449 for 100ml at SM Beauty

Key specs: SPF50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, water resistant

Among the spray-on sunscreens I tried, this is the only one labeled as water-resistant. It lasted for about 40 minutes during my exercise and swim test. Not so bad for everyday but it may not be ideal for use at the beach. It’s a little sticky upon application and creates a bit of sheen on the skin even after dry-down but I like that I’m able to see if I have applied it all over.

There’s a mild powdery fragrance along with the usual scent of sunscreen, which I personally like. What makes this unique is that it has vitamin E and sunflower oil to help keep skin moisturized!

Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray, P539.75 for 140ml at Watsons

Key specs: SPF50 PA+++

This Belo spray-on sunscreen has been on our favorites list since 2015! I like that it's not too drying and that I get a good coverage from the mist. The paraben-free and hypoallergenic formula makes it a great pick for moms looking for sunscreen that’s safe for kids’ sensitive skin. It can get a bit sticky though; it also leaves a sheen like the Céleteque spray-on. It also feels a bit oily to me. If you don’t like the smell of sunscreen, this has a mild baby cologne fragrance.

Bioré UV Perfect Spray, P299 for 23.6ml at Watsons and

Key specs: SPF50+ PA++++

We’ve always been big fans of the Bioré sunscreens here on PV so I was excited to try the Bioré UV Perfect Spray! I love that it’s odorless, non-sticky, and absolutely invisible when applied to the skin. I like using this for my face before applying makeup and for the days when my usual cream sunscreen feels too oily. It also has better UVA coverage than Belo’s (can’t compare with Céleteque as that one is simply labelled as broad-spectrum). However, the bottle only contains a small amount and probably won’t last as long as the others so it actually comes out the most expensive per mL among the three.

The clear winner here is the Bioré, for me, because it's the most comfortable and versatile out of the two. I can use it everyday! It's not something I would bring to the beach though. I'd go with the Céleteque spray if that were the case.

Remember: whatever type you prefer, the best sunscreen is one that you’ll use and apply religiously! Have you ever used spray-on sunscreens?