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Six Pinoy sunscreens to try under P500 (Belo, Celeteque, Kojie San, Dermplus, & Maxipeel)

Let’s be honest: sticky sunscreens will certainly have us preferring to skip sun protection altogether. This is probably why I’ve always turned to Japanese sunscreens because of their non-stickiness and comfortable wear. But good news to those want to patronize our local products - there are actually some good (and non-sticky) proudly Filipino sunscreens in the market! Even better news is that these are all under P500 so we have no more excuses to skip on sunscreen. Here’s what I tried!

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A millennial's reflections on trying anti-aging skincare for the first time

At 21, I often struggle with #adulting. I’m still learning how to be smarter with time management and planning for the long-term, and had never had to deal with very adult things like taxes until my internship. So when Den asked me to try Celeteque’s Advanced Anti-Aging line, I was initially baffled. Am I not too young to be worrying about wrinkles? Then I realized that it makes sense to use anti-aging products BEFORE my skin actually needs them. Prevention is better than cure, after all! But how could I adapt that concept into my own state of mind?

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Battle of the Local Mascaras: Celeteque, Fashion 21, F&S, Ever Bilena, and Happy Skin

Who doesn't want long and lush lashes? It's an easy way to look more youthful and awake, not to mention they make your eyes look bigger even while wearing glasses. It's no surprise that lash serums, lash lifting procedures, and lash growing DIYs are getting a lot of attention. For a quicker albeit temporary solution though, there's always the option of using mascara!

Several foreign brand mascaras have already made their home in our kits, but how about local ones? Do they perform as well as they promise? Let's find out and shine the spotlight on mascaras from five local brands: Features & Shades, Ever Bilena Advance, Celeteque, Fashion 21, and Happy Skin.

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