New brand alert: Measurable Difference gives you lashes for days

Have you ever been guilty of going to bed with your mascara still on? Do you make sure to replace your tube of mascara every six months? We've definitely made these mistakes many times before, and though we've managed to avoid repeat incidents, we recently learned that there's more to lash care than those two pieces of advice.

US brand Measurable Difference recently launched their line of lash and brow enhancing products, which have the unique ability to keep your lashes and eyebrows healthy while looking fabulous. They also schooled us on the basics of lash care with the help of doctors from Qualimed and Skinplicity by Dr. CRB. More than just preventing them from falling off, we learned that there are all these scary and painful eyelash infections like Hordeolum, Chalazion, Blepharitis that we could easily get if we're not careful.  Make sure to follow these basic lash care guidelines, too!

  1. Always wash your hands before touching your eyes and especially before putting on contact lenses.
  2. Do not share eye makeup, whether mascara, liners or eyeshadows. Make sure to replace them regularly, and to remove all traces of makeup before sleeping. 
  3. Refrain from rubbing your eyes to avoid irritation.
  4. Practice good lid hygiene! Apply a warm compress over your lids for a few minutes. Put a small amount of tear-free baby shampoo on a cotton tip and gently run it along the base of your lashes. If you're prone to eye irritation or have existing infections, ask an ophthalmologist to prescribe an antibiotic-steroid treatment.

After learning more about proper eye and lash care, we were introduced to the Measurable Difference product line by Kim Bigornia, Director of Measurable Difference Philippines. Each of the products use all-natural ingredients and are infused with the patented RegenaLash, "a peptide complex that makes lashes look longer and brows look fuller in just over a month's time."

The star product is the Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum with RegenaLash PLUS, which you can apply at night to help nourish your lashes and brows. This can also be used with lash extensions.

The Lash Amplifying Liquid Eyeliner comes in three shades (Blackest Black, Black Pearl, and Espresso) so you can get your feline flick while promoting good lash health.


The Instant Lash Extensions mascara gives you that glamorous falsies look with all-natural ingredients and the benefits of RegenaLash.

The dual-ended tube is clearly numbered for the recommended three-step process of 1) Applying mascara, 2) Applying fiber, and 3) Applying mascara (again). We tested this out saw a visual difference in the length of our lashes. It also felt light and was able to hold a curl!

The Lash Amplifying Mascara & Primer is a two-step mascara that gives a more natural look. Lashes appear fuller and longer but not as volumized as when using the Instant Lash Extensions mascara.

You can also give your brows some loving with the Brow Amplifying Tint & Lift, which is available in two shades. The light blonde shade is Caramel while the dark brown one is Espresso.

So there you go! Have you tried using lash and brow serums? How have you been taking care of your lashes?

Measurable Difference is exclusively sold at SM Beauty Makati.