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Beauty Battle: Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara vs. L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I like my eyes, but my eyelashes can be a pain. Like the hair on my head, my lashes are naturally rebond-straight, somewhat fine, and do what they want, which usually involves clumping together when curled or after more than one coat of mascara. On top of this, I have an odd eye shape: a tapering eyelid crease creates a “hood” which tends to swallow up my lashes. Because of this, putting on mascara can be a nerve-racking experience, as I’m constantly running the risk of getting product all over my lids.

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Clear mascara is underrated - here are four cool things that you can do with it!

"There’s more than meets the eye” surely holds true for the clear mascara. Compared to its pigmented sibling that we frequently rely on to create thicker and lengthier lashes, the colorless gel doesn’t seem to be able to do much and so is often considered as an unimportant. The truth is, it is this simplicity that actually makes it a super versatile beauty product!  

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This under P280 drugstore mascara delivers the drama

Despite the many jokes made about them throughout my life, I am far from insecure about my “tiny” eyes. I’ve embraced their slightly mataray look and almond shape, which make rocking the trendy K-Beauty “puppy eye” a relative piece of cake.

My one struggle with them, however, has to be my eyelashes. They are very fine, stick straight, and too short to curl. They also tend to get swallowed up by the slight fold in my eyelid, creating a “curtain” effect that makes my eyes look constantly half-closed.

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Battle of the Local Mascaras: Celeteque, Fashion 21, F&S, Ever Bilena, and Happy Skin

Who doesn't want long and lush lashes? It's an easy way to look more youthful and awake, not to mention they make your eyes look bigger even while wearing glasses. It's no surprise that lash serums, lash lifting procedures, and lash growing DIYs are getting a lot of attention. For a quicker albeit temporary solution though, there's always the option of using mascara!

Several foreign brand mascaras have already made their home in our kits, but how about local ones? Do they perform as well as they promise? Let's find out and shine the spotlight on mascaras from five local brands: Features & Shades, Ever Bilena Advance, Celeteque, Fashion 21, and Happy Skin.

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