See before and after: This Lashem serum gave me lusher brows and lashes

In a world obsessed with creating a flawless face base and collecting celebrity-endorsed lipsticks, lashes are often an overlooked part of the beauty routine. Sure, we press them in between curlers, coat them in waterproof mascara, and glue falsies onto them for the subtle yet gorgeous impact they make to our overall look.

But when you really think about it, these tiny hairs actually take on a lot of abuse from all those activities, not to mention being exposed to a lot of friction when we rub our eyes! That's why problems like brittle lashes and bald spots are actually quite common, even if we fail to notice them until a lot of damage has already occurred. Can a lash serum like Lashem All Eyes on You Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum (P3,600 at SM Beauty Makati) sweep in and save the day?

A sleek-looking silver tube houses this precious serum that promises to nourish and condition lashes and brows. I was expecting the typical mascara wand or perhaps a paddle applicator inside, but was surprised to find something like the brush of a fine-tipped liquid liner. It makes a lot of sense though: the serum is meant to be applied to the base of the lashes to stimulate new growth rather than coating the full-length of it like mascara. The thin, straight hairs on the wand also makes it easier to access sparser areas in the brows. 

It wasn’t hard to incorporate the All Eyes on You Serum to my daily routine. The clear gel dries without any residue so it has no trouble going under makeup. It's easy enough to use that I was even able to apply without a mirror during lazy evenings when I just wanted to crash into bed. The ophthalmologist-tested formula didn’t cause any irritation to my eyes, even when the brush accidentally hit my eyeball. A few blinks and the momentary discomfort (mostly from getting my eye poked) soon disappeared.

So did this serum actually yield longer-looking lashes and fuller-looking brows? Take a look!

I’ve only been using it at night for some three weeks now, mostly because I don’t have the time to apply a lot of product in the morning. Even then, my brows and lashes do feel healthier and stronger because of the moisture from the serum. And you know what? My lashes look like they've grown a bit longer since started using Lashem! You'll need to look closely (pay attention to the left eye) to see the major difference.

Just one thing: I find it a little awkward to use the applicator for both the lashes and brows. I know that there are people out there who believe that using the same products for both lids and brows can cause some sort of contamination. Personally, I didn’t experience any irritation from using the serum on both areas, though I also prefer using All Eyes on You solely on my lashes. Other than that, I’m thrilled to experience a reversal of the effects of my more heavy-duty mascaras in addition to stronger, longer strands on my lashes and brows.

It’s definitely a splurge but if your lashes have experienced a fallout after getting extensions or your over-plucked brows never quite grew the same way, this can restore them to their former glory or better! 

Would you try this serum? How do you care for your lashes?