For curled and au naturel lashes: The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

The first Maybelline mascara I ever tried was the Great Lash, and it's been one of my holy grail lash prettifiers since then. It's everything I want my mascara to be - at the low low price of P350, none the less! I had high expectations of the new Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (P429) and I am here to report my experience with it so far.

This mascara has hands down one of the best brushes I've tried. It's fattest at the base and curves into a slightly narrower tip. It captures both my long outer lashes and shorter inner lashes effortlessly, and lengthens them without clumping. And I mean zero clumping! The brush combs the lashes in such a neat, organized shape as if I were wearing natural-looking falsies.

The texture of the mascara is drier than usual, which contributes to the zero-clump feature. The waterproof formula smears juuuuust a little bit on me after a tennis match, but it's easy enough to erase and later on remove at the end of the day with a bi-phase makeup cleanser. It does wear well, keeping my curl up and lengthening my lashes without effort.

The catch: if you like dramatic volume, this mascara isn't for you. I feel girls with thick lashes will love this for the cool brush and the no-clump formula as the Lash Sensational will enhance that asset without giving the game away. However, if like me you have thin lashes and need them to stand out, this may not be enough. It's pretty on the eyes sure but I need more fatness, please!

In other words, get this if you:

  • Have naturally thick lashes and want to lengthen them without overcoating them with product.
  • Love the wispy lash look - thick at the base and fans out into wispy tips at the end.
  • Want a waterproof formula that barely moves even after intense physical activity.

Don't get this if you:

  • Need more volume and blackness in your mascara.
  • Want something that toddles off with just micellar water or makeup wipes, but stays put until you want to take it off.

And that is that! I'd love to know what you think of this mascara, especially if you've already tried it yourself. What's your current fave miracle lash worker?