Clear mascara is underrated - here are four cool things that you can do with it!

"There’s more than meets the eye” surely holds true for the clear mascara. Compared to its pigmented sibling that we frequently rely on to create thicker and lengthier lashes, the colorless gel doesn’t seem to be able to do much and so is often considered as an unimportant. The truth is, it is this simplicity that actually makes it a super versatile beauty product!  

If you're going for a no-makeup makeup look, using clear mascara to hold the curl of your lashes instead of the usual black one is the way to go. Not convinced? Here are four more ways to get full use of clear mascara, and they may give you enough reasons to get yourself a tube. 


Keep ‘em hairs in place

It's perfectly normal for hair to fall out and to grow back in, but all that new growth can result in baby hairs that stick straight up your head! It’s a problem easily fixable with the usual hair taming products like styling gels and hair sprays but those tend to be really heavy and greasy on the hair. It's no fun carrying those around in your purse either. The easy solution? Run clear mascara on the baby hairs! The spoolie makes it easier to coat hair strands without making much of a mess. And since clear mascaras don’t harden the hair as much as other hair products do, your hair doesn’t end up looking like it has too much product on. 

Clear mascara is also pretty helpful for styling your bangs. Whether it’s keeping them in place or doing a little Superman curl for a costume party, this mascara can make stylings easier. Plus, you can easily store it in your bag should you need any touch-ups. 


Create a more wide-eyed look

Applying mascara to your bottom lashes can make your eyes look bigger and doll-like but don't you just hate when it smudges on your skin? Clear mascara is clearly the solution (pun intended) since it’s colorless, so you don’t have to worry about getting racoon eyes even if you scratch your eyes or have oily lids.  


Have fun with DIY color

With the rise to popularity of unicorn, cotton candy, even pastel hair, it’s a bit difficult to help your brows keep up with the color. While it’s easy to use colored eyeshadows instead of your regular brow powders, they’re not always long lasting. So why not create your own tinted brow mascara? Just scrape a bit of your eyeshadow of choice, mix with a bit of clear mascara, and boom! You can match your brows and your lashes to your current hair color for a more cohesive look! 

If you're feeling a little adventurous, you can also do this trick to try bold and colorful looks. Instead of shelling out extra for blue mascara that you aren't sure you'd use more than once (it's a nice trick for getting brighter-looking eyes!), you can simply DIY for days when you just want to face the world with more pizzazz. 


Give that liner a few extra minutes

While it won’t completely make your regular non-waterproof eyeliner last until midnight, sealing your eyeliner with a bit of clear mascara can help with its longevity. This is definitely helpful when you have all those eyeliners that apply beautifully but can't wear often because they rub off too easily. Just put your eyeliner on, get a bit of clear mascara using a small brush, and coat your eyeliner. You can also use the DIY color trick above to mix it with some eyeshadow and create your own colorful liquid liner! 

Do you keep a clear mascara in your kit? What other hacks have you discovered for its use? Share them in the comments below!