Choose to be both smart and beautiful with Celeteque

Have you seen Celeteque’s latest TVC? I found to be particularly relatable and a bit controversial because it poses this question to women: Would you rather be smart or beautiful? Admittedly, my first reaction was to be indignant. It’s 2017, after all! Why do we even have to choose?

Thinking about it some more, I realized that I felt bothered because I'd experienced this identity struggle myself. It brought back memories from my childhood and early teenage years, when the people I hung out with put pressure on me to choose a label or project a certain image. Could I be the charming, pretty one, or should I just be the token nerdy girl who reads a lot? 

My question was answered IRL at Celeteque's Think + Beautiful event. Indeed, there is no need to choose just one as we are free to embody both these traits in equal measure! It's important and helpful to get a reminder though, and who better to serve as inspirations than women who exemplify the best of both worlds: Celeteque’s brand ambassadors Ian Banzon, Marie Lozano, and Shamcey Supsup-Lee.

An athlete, doctor, and Eastern medicine practitioner, Ian Banzon embodies the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with emphasis on holistic wellness and feeling great from the inside out. And, yes, women can be just as sporty as men! As a journalist and fashionista, the fab Marie Lozano balances being a hands-on mom and jet-setting career woman. She stressed that busy women should not feel guilty about taking care of themselves. Architect and beauty queen, Shamcey Supsup-Lee talked about how she still has to prove herself to potential clients as a formidable architect in addition to being a Bb. Pilipinas Universe winner.

Along with Celeteque, these admirable women send an empowering message that “intelligent” and “beautiful” are not mutually exclusive traits. Moreover, we can (and should) be smart about choosing products that can properly care for and enhance our natural beauty.

With the latest technology and trends in mind, Celeteque presents high-quality, hypoallergenic products that are focused on maintaining good skin health as opposed to just temporarily making you look better. I’ve previously reviewed some of their makeup offerings and found them to be high-performance, with colors that work well for everyday use. I’m even still using the CC Micro-Hydrating Powder to set my makeup daily! My other picks include their lightweight Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener, as well as their frequently derma-prescribed Hydration Facial Wash. We also featured their moisturizing sunscreen spray in a drugstore showdown.

Have you ever been asked to choose whether to be smart or beautiful? How did you handle it?