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Sunscreen Fact Check: Should you be worried about the safety of your sunscreen?

Here in PV, we always talk about how sunscreen is an important part of our daily beauty routines. It’s the best and most cost-efficient way of preventing photodamage to our skin. Sunscreen isn’t just necessary for keeping wrinkles and freckles away; it’s necessary protection against the dangers of skin cancer. However, recent news has raised several controversial issues about sunscreen use, prompting many into a panic about this skincare product. Is there actual cause for concern, or is it just more fake news? It’s time for a sunscreen fact check!

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Six Pinoy sunscreens to try under P500 (Belo, Celeteque, Kojie San, Dermplus, & Maxipeel)

Let’s be honest: sticky sunscreens will certainly have us preferring to skip sun protection altogether. This is probably why I’ve always turned to Japanese sunscreens because of their non-stickiness and comfortable wear. But good news to those want to patronize our local products - there are actually some good (and non-sticky) proudly Filipino sunscreens in the market! Even better news is that these are all under P500 so we have no more excuses to skip on sunscreen. Here’s what I tried!

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Mist or Miss? The lowdown on the safety of spray-on sunscreen

Since SPF is one of the basic tenets of skincare, it’s no surprise that sunscreen is available in a LOT of forms. In the sea of creams, lotions, serums, sticks, and gels, spray-on aerosol sunscreens have become a popular choice. And the appeal is understandable: it’s lightweight on the skin, spill-proof, and easy to use. BUT is it all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s discuss possible issues with aerosol sunscreens, and what we can do to fix them.

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It’s Summer Forever: Five body sunscreens for different budgets and activities

While I had learned to use body sunscreen whenever I’d go swimming, it wasn’t until I became part of the PV team that I realized I needed to wear it daily as well. It’s especially important for me since I commute to work and get direct sun exposure in the process. So as much as we ensure that are our faces get all the love it needs, the rest of our body needs protection from harmful UV rays as well, even on regular days!

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Here are the eight sunscreen mistakes you're probably guilty of

Ultraviolet might be the color of the year but anyone interested in skincare knows that UV rays aren’t cool. When it comes to proper skin care, proper SPF is the commandment no one can break. Any PV girl worth her salt knows never to skip SPF; our editors Liz and Den would probably disown us if we ever violate this basic skin care rule!

Still, I would have to ‘fess up and admit to several things I might be neglecting when it comes to sun protection. Yes, it’s totally possible to be a skincare junkie yet still forget to cover all our SPF bases! 

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Shiseido Week: UV Protection Compact Foundation SPF 35 PA+++

Last Saturday I decided, on a whim, that I wanted to go on an adventure. I usually roam inside the Fort or Makati area so I thought I'd go out of my comfort zone by visiting Divisoria. It's been five years since I was last there and my, how it has changed! There are like three malls separated from each other by a mere narrow street. Everything I can think of buying is all right inside the hundreds of little shops inside the malls!

However, I didn't actually buy much. I was specifically looking for art materials but couldn't find the store. -_- Well, at least I got to take home some washi tapes and statement accessories. Everything was so cheap!

And so we come to segue time, haha. I knew it was going to be hot and muggy in Divisoria so I chose a foundation that'll protect me from the sun while staying intact in the extreme humidity. Three guesses on what it was. 



Ta-dah! Check out the Shiseido UV Protection Compact Foundation with SPF35 PA+++ (price to be updated). As you know I really love its liquid counterpart, since it stays put even when I get super oily or splash around in the beach. You also can't beat the sun protection. The powder foundation promises to be water and oil-resistant as well - does it live up to its claims? 

Here's a rundown of what I like and don't like about this foundation! 


What I love about the product

  • It makes my skin look super smooth and silky. It has a matte finish but unlike other high SPF foundations this doesn't look white when worn. 
  • Coverage is light to medium, but buildable to a heavy one when applied wet with the sponge.
  • Staying power is awesome. I wore this for six straight hours and it didn't even fade or cake! I did get noticeably oily but only after three hours. That's a pretty good no-shine interval!
  • It contains SPF35 PA+++, which is a must in foundations for the summer.  
  • I didn't break out at all. I don't know how but my skin feels nice after I remove it. It actually has a cocktail of protective ingredients + hyaluronic acid.


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Tan beautifully with the Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Spray

It normally takes me a week to write about press junkets, but this time I decided to try writing everything down while my memory is fresh. I want to remember everything! El Nido, Palawan is the most beautiful place I've been to so far. Thanks to Nivea, I was able to experience it and #embracethesun!

I was invited along with fellow bloggers, press, and celebrities to attend this annual event. We stayed in a gorgeous resort for three days - El Nido in Lagen Island - and got to visit the surrounding islands. I'll write about our stay in a separate post, but in the meantime, I'd like to introduce to you the latest product from Nivea.

Guys, meet the Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Spray (P599)! It simply lets you tan beautifully and safely, without having to resort to self-tanners or tinted oils to get bronzed. The liquid is completely clear as it works in such a way that your skin develops its most natural tan, versus orangey and fake-looking tans out of a bottle. It promotes the skin's natural melanin production so that you get a color that is truly yours.

It comes in SPF 20, 30, and 50, which means that you can choose the level of protection as you need it. If you're in the beach though, you should go for the PF50! It protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays for about 4-5 hours (depends on your skin). Did you know that you actually don't need to go higher than 50? It should bounce off 93% off all harmful rays from the sun! (If properly applied, that is.)

This is already available in all major drugstores and supermarkets. ^_^ Keep an eye out for it if you're soaking up some sun soon! Anyway, here are photos of the actual launch.

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Reader question: Can we add up SPF numbers?

Hi Liz! I just want to understand how the SPFs on multiple products work. If I use a facial moisturizer with SPF 15 and then layer it with a facial powder with SPF 15, does that mean that I'm wearing a total of SPF 30 on my face? I just want to make sure if my understanding is correct. If this is the case, then I can sparingly use a more expensive facial moisturizer with SPF 30 and then simply use the moisturizer-powder combination more frequently and I will have the same degree of protection either way. Thanks in advance for the clarification. - Maybelle

Hi Maybelle! Thanks for your question. I talked to a dermatologist before about this, and she said that it's not possible to layer SPF products to get a higher number. You will just get a higher volume of the sun screening ingredients, which means you get better protection, but it's still on the same SPF15 level. If you mix SPF15 with something that has SPF30 though, the higher number is the amount of protection your skin will receive.

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Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells launch

Estee Lauder is essentially a Western brand, but you have to give them props for being responsive to Asian needs. More than just whitening, we are obsessed with achieving brighter, more even skin. That concern is something tha Estee Lauder seeks to address with its reformulated, Asia and Europe-exclusive CyberWhite Brilliant Cells line.

According to Estee Lauder, there are four key factors that contribute to dullness and discoloration of Asian skin: dehydration, uneven skin texture, disorganized collagen and poor microcirculation.

Estée Lauder’s scientists developed a comprehensive and advanced brightening system ever with NEW CyberWhite Brilliant Cells. Incorporating exclusive Full Spectrum Brightening technologies, Estée Lauder now addresses the four key factors that contribute to dullness and discoloration to reveal translucent, luminous skin, while highly targeted Anti-Spot technologies address all four key dark spots that can cloud your complexion.  This powerful system helps reveal fresher, fairer, brighter cells delivering full spectrum brightening results to illuminate every facet of skin for a beautiful translucency and luminosity that seems to radiate from deep within. 

Liz of Estee Lauder discussing CyberWhite

The launch was short and sweet, with guests having delicious canapes from Bizu while the Estee Lauder girls talk about their latest product.

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Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 Triple Lightening sunscreen

A PR company sent me a 200ml bottle of the Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 sunscreen AGES ago, like half a year ago. For some reason or other though I never blogged about it, which is sad, because this has become an indispensable part of my skincare regimen. I actually finished off the huge bottle, so I purchased a 350ml one!

I love this mainly for its SPF 24 UVA/UVB protection. I never go outside the sun without slathering it on my skin. I know there are other SPF lotions out in the market, but this is perhaps the most affordable with a high SPF rating minus the thick sunblock-y feel.

It has a lotion-y, slightly floral scent that I don't find overwhelming. As for the texture, it's certainly lighter than the usual sunscreen/sunblock lotions

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What's new at L'Oreal

It's hard to keep track of all the latest skincare products, at the rate and speed they're being released! It's all for the better, don't you think? More choices means more potential solutions to our beauty problems and better prices. Anyway, L'Oreal Paris is one brand that just came out with three products that targets major market concerns: cleansing (for men), whitening (for women), and smoothing/priming for makeup users out there.

The Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Foam (195) is designed to cleanse and mattify skin. It's for men who are concerned with oily skin that's exposed to a lot of pollution and stress. I think it's a pretty basic cleanser, as male skincare products go! This might not be for us girls, but there's no reason to NOT give this to our guy friends. It will benefit us in the long run, dare I say!

The White Perfect Day Cream SPF17/PA++ (P595) offers UV protection and promises whitening using melanin-blocking ingredients. It's light and non-greasy as promised - heaven sent in a world of uncomfortable day creams with SPF - but use it sparingly if you have oily skin!

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