Summer necessity: Top 10 lip balms with SPF

Summer exposes us to the sun's rays even more than usual, so it's important to step up on sun protection. Slathering SPF all over your body isn't just for going to the beach either - you're still vulnerable to the damaging effects of UVA and UVB whenever you go outdoors or stay near a window. Applying sunscreen is a must, but don't forget to coat your lips with SPF as well! We've rounded up our favorite SPF-enabled lip balms to give you the protection you need within a budget you can afford.

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Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Color

This tinted lip balm (P89) addresses the need for color as well as sun protection with SPF16. Perfect for those with dark lips, as these can brighten them up in a variety of colors for less than a hundred pesos.

Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine

For subtle color and long lasting moisture, check out this other drugstore favorite (P90~). Aside from the SPF10 included, this lip balm packs on fruity flavors and still remains below the hundred peso mark.

Chapstick Sun Defense

No one can have a lip balm list without this classic brand. This version is made specifically to prevent sunburn with a higher SPF at 25. The aloe and Vitamin E included will also help keep your lips smooth while you're out in the sun. You can grab some at a local drugstore, or in bulk on Ebay.

Image via Chapstick

Image via Chapstick

Carmex Strawberry Click Stick

Another classic when it comes to lip balms, the medicated formula with SPF15 works to soothe and heal dry lip problems. Added to the moisturizing effect of the product is a hint of strawberry flavor that is perfect for the season. It's P139 at Beauty MNL where the original variant is also available.

V&M Naturals Smooch Lip Detox

Some say all-natural is the way to go, and if you're one of them you might want to give this lip balm a go. The manufacturer uses Emu Oil plus other oils and herbs. This helps chapped or bleeding lips recover while providing sun protection with SPF15. The price for this winning formula goes up to P205 from Beauty MNL.

Shiseido Water In Lip

Temperatures skyrocket during the summer, so we're recommending this highly moisturizing lip balm. Backed by the company's long history in skincare, the ingredients list of this lip balm includes spa water from Italy and hyaluronic acid. Coupled with SPF18, this P285 lip balm will ensure great looking lips.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care

Another lip balm focused on moisturizing the lips, the shea butter used in this product is proudly sourced from the Tungtelya Women's Shea Butter Association in northern Ghana. SPF15 ensures that you can use this hydrating balm for your dry lips under the summer sun. You can grab one at The Body Shop stores for P350.

Blistex Deep Renewal

Unlike any other on our list, this lip balm is also an anti-aging lip treatment! In addition to SPF 15, it has Coenzyme Q-10 and Vitamin-collagen anti-oxidant complex to protect and revitalize your lips. Grab a couple (or a dozen) through online stores.

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Supergoop Fusion Lip Balm

For beach lovers and active on-the-go people, SPF30 may be just right for you. This has spearmint leaf oil and menthol for a soothing experience that you can use with your favorite lipstick. It's available for P436 at the Sephora online store.

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Lip Balm

The balms we featured at less than SPF20 are perfect for everyday sun protection, but if you're off to the beach, play sports, or get regularly exposed to the sun for long periods of time, you NEED something with at least SPF50. The Armada Lip Balm is has SPF60+ and will keep you protected for hours! The texture fairly light too, considering the high SPF. It is priced at P820 over the VMV Hypoallergenics site.


What about you? What’s your best lip balm with SPF?