Kiehl's staples: The Ultra Light UV Defense and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Finding the perfect skincare is such an exhausting enterprise. It's tempting to just stick to what's been working for years - and that's totally fine - but there's always something better out there. A better texture, a more concentrated and effective formula. It's just a matter of knowing exactly what your skin needs and oh, enormous amounts of trial and error.

That's why this blog exists: so you never have to put crap on your face ever again! Haha. Seriously though, one way to avoid buying duds is to ask the brand what their best-sellers are. Chances are, there is a smashingly good reason why those products sell particularly well. At Kiehl's for instance it is difficult to go wrong with the Ultra Light UV Defense SPF50 PA+++ and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I've tried both years ago and they were my exclusive favourites for a while.

The Kiehl's Ultra Light UV Defense SPF50 PA+++ (P2,995) is, as promised, very light. I like that it hydrates while protecting my face from the sun! It also wears well under makeup; it doesn't feel heavy or greasy as the day wears on. I brought this to my beach trip a couple of weeks ago and quite enjoyed the comfort of its watery, streak-less texture.

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (P2,895) is lovely to use right before you sleep. It is a mix of essential oils that serve to hydrate, relax, and ultimately refresh your skin. My face always looks wow in the morning whenever I use it at night! It can be applied every evening but I normally use it once or twice a week. It's sharing face time with other serums I love at the moment. Try this if you have dry, dull, and stressed skin.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Ultra Light UV Defense 4.jpg

These are quite expensive products, which is why I encourage you to ask samples at Kiehl's counters. I remember they give away sachets of their best-sellers so that you could try them before committing. ^_^ I found my fave Kiehl's facial wash that way actually! Hope the brand still does it.