Love: Daylong Sunscreens

Sunscreens are possibly the most boring, unsexy beauty products out there, but they are also the best things you can do for your skin. I know it's not as exciting to look for new sunscreen the way we look for a new lipstick, foundation, or moisturizer. I know it's such a hassle to apply sun protection every single day - oh I know, I was so lazy! But whether we like it or not, we need to. 

I once got to talk to the global PR manager of a prestigious luxury skincare brand, and I asked if she has any beauty advice she regrets not taking when she was younger. Her answer? She wished she wore sunscreen regularly! She's a gorgeous woman but she has obvious freckles (which she says she didn't use to have) and her skin could be less finely-wrinkled. Not saying that you should be unhappy if you don't have ideal skin - because it's just, well, a matter of vanity - but if you can avoid it just by using a few products then why not? It ain't gonna take a lot of effort nor a lot of money.

Right now you might not feel like sunscreen is necessary, especially if you're in your teens or early twenties. But when you reach your mid-twenties or early thirties, nako, I swear to you, you will notice that your skin has already aged. I've noticed it and I'm only 26! That's why I wear sunscreen every single time I'm out now. True enough, after about three months, I noticed that my skin looks a lot better + even a bit less dark with regular use of sunscreen.

So let's all up our sunscreen game with the newest player to hit drugstores in the Philippines: Daylong. This brand is created by makers of Cetaphil, and manufactured in Switzerland. Its products are especially formulated for sensitive, oily skin, and are designed to stay on comfortably all day.

What I love about it is how extremely light-textured and easily absorbed everything is. I've tried non-greasy sun protection products before, but nothing close to the texture of Daylong. The Daylong Light Gel SPF50 PA++++ (P660/50ml) boasts of high UVA and UVB protection but it practically feels and looks like nothing. It's white and lotion-y when you squeeze it out, but it has no white cast and blends out with no effort at all. It's a gel indeed!

It's non-greasy and sticky. When I sweat, it doesn't feel like I'm encased in a shell of sunscreen. You know the feeling? It's really weird. I think that's why a lot of people don't wear sunscreen regularly!

But if you want something even lighter in texture, you can go for the Daylong Liposomal Spray SPF30 PA+++ (P1,295/150ml). It has a medium protection factor but it's definitely good enough for day to day, plus, you can retouch anytime. This feels just like water as you spread it out. I also like that the spray mechanism isn't hard to operate once the product starts gathering in the nozzle. It's also easy to control where the product spews out.

Did I mention that there is no sunscreen smell to both these products AT ALL? They are scentless. If you put your nose close to the stuff though you'll get a whiff of alcohol - the base is water and alcohol, after all.

I would still recommend using a body lotion before you use these Daylong sunscreens since they are not hydrating enough by themselves. That's the catch - the sacrifice that had to be made to get their light textures. If you have oily or greasy skin though, I think they'll be alright to use alone!

I haven't tried using them on my face yet since I already have found an HG for it, but I will definitely continue to use Daylong regularly.  I was invited to the Daylong launch but wasn't able to make it. I honestly thought it wasn't interesting. Glad I'm wrong. I'll definitely buy the gel and spray when I run out! So happy that Sample Room sent me these! Lucky you if you got to avail them when they did a sampling round. ;) 

What is your HG sunscreen for the face and/or body?

Ingredients list. Left is the Daylong Gel, right is the Daylong Spray.

Ingredients list. Left is the Daylong Gel, right is the Daylong Spray.