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Our 18 sunscreen recommendations for five different occasions this summer

Summer heralds clear warm weather, perfect for activities like beach outings, vacations, and outdoor sports. While we #LovetheSun for all the fun things we can do, Watsons understands that it's important to stay protected. You really can't and shouldn't skip sun protection. Apart from avoiding painful sunburns, long-term skin damage, premature aging, and even the possibility of developing skin cancer offer convincing reasons to pile on the SPF.

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I am sooo ready for Boracay

I am off to Boracay next week! Yay. It's my first time to visit so I'm really excited to do all sorts of fun stuff with my family. I bought a couple of bikinis, a lovely hat from SM, all the sunblock I need from Nivea (they gave me two of everything), have two new lovely flip flops courtesy of Ipanema, a weekender bag from Avon (which is nicely huge, by the way). I'm all set! 

These beautiful flip flops are from Ipanema's newest collection - the Gisel Bundchen Colorful Sea Collection. I got the Sandal Star Fem. I hope to get more pics of this in action while in Boracay! The picture up there featuring the black Ipanemas was taken in Batangas.

Sun protection at its finest. I've been using the sunblock spray everyday! Love it to bits since it's not sticky at all and the sunblock-y smell dissipates as soon as it dries, which is pretty fast.

Swoon-worthy hat. Got this for only P250 at SM Department Store.

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