Review + Complete Swatches: The Revlon Looks Book Eyeshadow Palettes

This story is brought to you by Revlon. PS - the Colorstay line is 30% off in counters nationwide until September 30! Don’t miss it. ;)

Filipinas have definitely become a lot more interested in eyeshadow in recent years because of YouTube and Instagram. Before, we felt that eyeshadow wasn’t worth the kerfuffle so long as we had mascara, eyeliner, and kilay on, but now it’s become a fun way to dress up any look! There are hundreds of palettes in the market though, so allow me to share a recent Revlon find that’s under 900 pesos: the Colorstay Looks Book Eyeshadow Palettes (P875 at Revlon counters).

There are five 8-pan palettes available for different “moods”. What’s nice is that it ranges for demure to all-out, so you can definitely choose according to your skill level. I love that the shades are quite pigmented in one swipe (you won’t even need eyeshadow primer to make them vibrant and opaque) and that the colors all blend easily with one another. These are easy to use for beginners - similar to blendy Japanese eyeshadow palettes - as opposed to Anastasia or Huda-type palettes that require a lot more skill and precision due to the intensity of colors.


There’s definitely room for eyeshadows like these, as they are a great option for everyday looks or in the case of Player, a minimal investment in bright, bright colors. You’ll still need eyeshadow primer to make sure these wear well during the day without creasing but that’s true for any eyeshadow naman.

The catch: these are quite powdery. You need to tap your brush to avoid fall out! I also have a love-hate relationship with the size and shape of the palette. I love it because OMG, it’s so convenient for traveling, but I dislike it because I find the strips too narrow for a standard-sized brush. I mean, I’ll get the eyeshadow I need but I just need to be extra careful so as not to dip in the next color.

Let’s go through each palette!

Maverick is a beautifully curated sunset palette. You’ve got a gold and rose gold, some burnt oranges, and a dusky purple. This is a flattering selection for Filipina skin tones due to the warmth! Below is a photo of me focusing more on the dusky purple color with a bit of the orange on the crease.

Enigma is another favorite of mine. This has some fun colors - shimmery pinks and golds, a matte electric fuchsia, and a couple of satiny purples. There’s also that lovely matte beige rose blending/crease shade in there! This is a great palette because you won’t need to use any supporting palettes to make several looks happen.

Insider is probably the weakest palette for me. I love that there are different shades of deep brown, a crease blending shade, and a matte lavender. However I feel like the first three beige shades are way too similar and a waste of opportunity to place other more useful shades.

Original is a nude palette for when you just want a bit of shimmer onto the lids and nothing more. It’s not for me - I have plenty of other shades like this in other palettes - but I can see this being a good starter palette for those who are still practicing with eyeshadows.

And here my friends is the piece de resistance! Player is a surprising revelation. I knew Revlon had it in them to do brights (I have those five-color palettes from before) but this one is truly popping! The swatches don’t do the palette justice. Everything is solid in a single swipe, even that acid green, the aqua, the shimmery ice blue, the navy blue. This is a palette I’m keeping around for sure! Below is a look I did with it. I used the acid green on top of black kohl and then the smoky green to add contour and drama on the outer-v and lower lids. I enjoyed this look!


Overall, I highly recommend you try the Player, Enigma, and Maverick palettes. On top of a good eyeshadow primer, you’ll get different looks that are far from boring. ;)