Don't miss the Natasha Denona Holiday 2017 Palettes if you're a color lover

I am fascinated by how beauty brands are born. The best ones are more than just a business - they are made by passionate people who have something special to share to the world. That's why Natasha Denona is a brand to watch. The founder, for which the brand takes its name, is a former model who decided to become a self-taught makeup artist. Just hearing her talk about her passion for makeup and the artistry that it requires is so inspiring! She particularly enjoys doing editorial, high-voltage looks that packs a lot of color.

When it was time for Natasha Denona to create her eponymous line, she promised that she would only use the best ingredients and materials that the world can supply. If you told me that a ~P14,000 eyeshadow palette would sell I wouldn't have believed you, but that was before ND. Now, the brand has so many fans around the world because of blogger and YouTuber raves! It only goes to show that where there's good quality, there will be customers. 


I've been dying to try ND for the longest time but it wasn't available locally until recently. Sephora PH, the patron saint of all beauty junkies in the Philippines, finally came through! They sent over the Natasha Denona Holiday Palette 5 in Joya and Aerin (each P2,775) so here's a quick review.

Joya features fiery shades of red and yellow gold to create a warm sparkly sunset eye that's perfect for the holiday. Aeris on the other hand feels like a trip to the cabana, with that sliver of sea sandwiched between the sun and sand. Both palettes are the first to have Natasha Denona's hybrid cream/powder formulation, so they are as pigmented and smooth as a cream shadow, but with the texture and blendability of powder.

Joya and Aeris

Joya and Aeris

The shades are all ridiculously pigmented in one swipe, save for the ones that seem to be meant more as toppers for eyeshadow. These shadows (both placed 5th from the left, namely Star Bronze and Peach Bronze) have twinkly sparkles that adds a special effect to the final look.

You can apply these colors straight on the lids and they'll be perfectly intense and easy to blend. However, they will crease in about three hours depending on how oily the lids are. I would still recommend using an eyeshadow primer beforehand to make sure the shadows crease less and stay longer on the eyes!


At P2,775 for five colors, the Natasha Denona Holiday Palettes are quite a purchase. I wouldn't recommend them for the eyeshadow dabbler nor for beginners; I believe they should invest in more wearable colors to build a good foundation for their collection. However, if you're an eyeshadow freak (like me!) who loves playing with colors, appreciate unique color selections, and have exacting standards when it comes to makeup quality, then this is made for you. 

I've done a few looks live over at Project Vanity's Facebook Page, so if you'd like to see how these ND palettes perform in actual, watch here and here! Let me know what you think, as always. ^_^