Positively Galactic: Why I'm smitten with the new Revlon Shoot The Moon collection

This story is brought to you by Revlon.

Revlon has been around since 1932. For 86 years it has innovated and defined beauty for generations of women, proving itself as a cosmetics business that has survived the test of time and fickle tastes. In the last few years, however, I’ve felt that Revlon has become boring. The brand comes out with solid, reliable products all the time, but people don’t get as excited about it when the competition for eyeballs and wallet space is so fierce.


With the new Shoot The Moon Collection though, I feel like Revlon is getting out of their funk and becoming a little (okay, a lot!) more experimental with their offerings. This recently released 16-piece collection is all about outer space in all its weird glamour - the deep blue packaging is sprinkled with gold shooting stars, rocket ships, and UFOs. The colors of the makeup are delightfully out-of-this-world. It’s definitely not for the makeup shy! Let’s boldly go where no wo(man) has gone before, shall we?


There are six new Shoot The Moon Super Lustrous Lipsticks (P350) with four metallic shades and two mattes. So Starry is a sparkly lilac worthy of a unicorn while Odyssey is a metallic ore with purple shimmer of which an alien femme fatale would easily be attracted to; both are sheer and ideally used on top of lip liner or lipstick to get a sparklier finish. Marooned On Mars (rosy glitter) and Spaced Out (fuchsia glitter) are pigmented and can be applied as is. The metallics have a chunky texture due to the glitter but they are easy to apply and have an average wear time of three hours.

Blue Sky is a crazy bright blue that reminds me of the horizon as twilight descends upon the planet. It’s supposed to be a matte lipstick, but has a slight sheen when freshly applied. It’s a bit troublesome to even out so I would recommend using a lip brush with this one! I have no such trouble with Stardust though. This moon-grey lipstick glides on like butter and is solid in one swipe. I’m amazed because shades like this always go on patchy. It has a sort of plum undertone to it that makes it warmer on me, so it is definitely wearable (for me anyway). Love it!


Next is the Shoot The Moon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss (P350). These are quite pigmented for a gloss! Dark Mercury (deep muted plum), Cosmic Queen (fuchsia with purple shimmer), and Neptune Blue (sea blue) are opaque, while Mystic Mist (frosty shimmer) can be semi-opaque and makes for a great lipstick topper if you are in need of glitter in your life. I love Dark Mercury as it’s perfect on top of Stardust for a high fashion look. Neptune Blue is just stunningly complex. There aren’t many occasions for me to wear it, but you bet I’ll bust it out whenever a party calls for it.

The glosses can feel a bit thick but don’t feel so sticky as long as you apply a thin layer. They’re not drying at all, and has a brush applicator that’s super easy to work with.

Revlon, Neptune Blue

Revlon, Neptune Blue

The Shoot The Moon Draping Palette (P725) is quite cute with its blue case and gold illustration. I didn’t expect much from them, to be honest, but I ended up liking them a lot especially Sunset On Mars. This palette has a warm contour shade, pink blush, and golden highlighter combo that are quite pigmented and look great on my medium-toned skin. The highlighter is so flashy and has a fine-finish; the contour shade is the perfect color for me. Use these with a light hand!


Sunset On Pluto is less impressive with the matte rose blush its only saving grace. The highlighter is patchy and doesn’t quite deliver shimmer while the blush looks fairly similar to the one on Sunset On Mars. I suggest just getting the latter. Both palettes can be powdery so make sure to tap your brush before swiping it on your face.


Now here’s my favorite bit: the Shoot The Moon Eye Paint (P575). I’m a huge fan of the Revlon Creme Eyeshadow from two years ago; I still use it, to this day! It’s a long-wearing cream color that’s just so easy to apply and not think about again.

I’ve worn the Eye Paint for 12 straight hours with barely any fading. I didn’t even need a primer! It’s highly water-resistant and can even be used as eyeliner with the appropriate brush. There’s definitely a learning curve with the application but you can use your fingers or a brush depending on what you’re most comfortable with.

Mystic Aura is my fave shade here. It’s a deep teal blue with a blackened base. Eclipse is a pretty silvery champagne that goes on the lids as a quick eye brightener. Cosmic Dust is a taupey silver while Starlit is a muted purple.


Overall, I am impressed with Revlon Shoot The Moon and would definitely keep many of the pieces here in my personal collection. The packaging, colors, pigmentation are very good for the price! As I said these aren’t for the weak of heart, but if you’ve always wanted to be more adventurous with makeup then this is an affordable way to explore without spending on high-end brands. Just go for it, if you’re digging the intergalactic #mood here!

Would love to know what you think of this collection - what would you like to try?

Revlon is available in leading department stores.