NARS Super Orgasm Review

I am not a blush person. I actually don’t get why some girls have tons of blushes! I think a person just needs one peach blush and one pink blush. That’s just me though, because in the end it all comes down to preference. Anyway, I was looking for a blush that will serve as my everyday blush for the next year or so. I really don’t like scouting for blushes, therefore, I settled on one blush which was raved to be “universal”: the NARS Super Orgasm.

This blush, an amped-up version of the cult favorite NARS Orgasm has been reviewed extensively by a lot of magazines and blogs already so I’ll just give you a quick rundown.


Why this is so awesome:

  •  The color looks so natural on my face (I’m light-medium with yellow undertones). Since I started wearing it, more people have been glancing at me. It might just be my imagination, LOL.
  • Lasts a loooong time. Average blushes fade on me after 2-3 hours while this lasts me all day. It fades of course, but at the end of the day, when I’m just about to remove my makeup, there’s still a strong color. I have combination skin.
  • One compact has a lot of product—almost 5 grams. It’s also great that the compact has a mirror, for quick touch-ups.
  • Packaging is sleek and sophisticated.
  • I love the name. I feel so…cool having a blush called Super Orgasm. Giggles.

Why this isn’t super awesome:

  •  Everyone’s been complaining about this actually: this blush has some huge-ass glitters. And when I say “huge-ass” I mean HUGE-ASS. Remember the glitters we used for our elementary art assignments? That big. They’re actually cute glitters since they’re a gorgeous semi-translucent gold but I don’t want them on my face (and thousands of other women I bet). You can get rid of them easily, by tapping the brush. These glitters don’t stick—they’re rather feathery— unless they touch your skin.
  • The rubber case gets dirty very easily. Dust, lint, and powder stick on it like its some sort of magnet and cannot be removed by simply wiping them off with a dry cloth.

NARS Orgasm vs NARS Super Orgasm

I tried the NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm at the Rustan’s Essences counter and these are my observations:

  • Orgasm is more gold-peach than pink while Super O is more pink than gold-peach.
  • Orgasm is universal (at least for medium to light-skinned women) because it’s kind of translucent. It’s not that pigmented actually, it’s just like you’ve wearing a very thin veil over your cheeks which allow your natural color to show and blend with it. Super O on the other hand is insanely pigmented. I just swipe my brush on the pan once for each cheek. I suspect that Super O isn’t really for all skintones since it’s rather pink.
  • Orgasm has very fine glitters. Super O has crazy glitters.
  • Don’t know what to get? Get the Orgasm if you’re looking for a more natural, makeup-less, ethereal glow on your cheeks. Get the Super O for literal just-had-an-orgasm cheeks. Seriously, get the Super O if you want livelier color on your face, like your one true love just gave you your first kiss.


The price is steep at P1350 but I assure you that its worth every centavo you pay. It’s a great product, period. I’d buy it again when I run out but I suspect that it’ll be a very long time even with daily use.


Have you tried the Orgasm or Super O or both? Tell me what you think!