DKNY Be Delicious

The DKNY Be Delicious is a lighthearted, radiant scent that's feminine, demure, and fun. It's not heavy and musky which is a pleasant change from my old perfume. It also lasts hours on me to the point that I like to tilt my head just to smell myself way into the day! Haha. Okay, seriously now. 

DKNY's exclusive, limited edition fragrance is now out with new packaging that features ben-day dots, lettering and speech balloons, as well as the depiction of a just-bitten apple. The pop art packaging is designed by Brad Hamann, a comic and vector illustrator.

I'm not specific about packaging when it comes to the products I use but I have to say that DKNY's is good enough to eat! The green one that you see here is the limited edition one, and is available in 50 ml (P3,100) and 100 ml (P4200). The pink one - which I actually prefer since it's soo cute - is available in 50 ml (P3,100).  Be Delicious is exclusively distributed in Rustans Department Stores.