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Jo Malone and the art of gifting - just because

The first ever Jo Malone perfume I received was a gift. This was years before the brand entered the Philippines, and it was precious enough that one can acquire it only during trips abroad or pre-orders from small online stores where you have to wait for weeks to get a bottle. My client back then, who is a generous and kind-hearted woman, gifted me Blackberry & Bay for my birthday. I was so amazed and felt so special when I opened it! The perfume is already expired, but I still keep the bottle in my scent shelf if only to remind me of that moment.

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Sweet serenity for hopeful romantics: Coach Love Eau de Toilette

Do you remember your first love? More than the person, it's the feeling that nothing else could be more important than the longing - that rush of blood to the head whenever you see the one who holds your heart, the depth of sadness when you doubt he will love you back. Then, finally, the serenity that comes when both of you realize at the same time that you're meant to be with each other.

Love is sweet, not necessarily permanently so, but one moment could well be an eternity.


Turning that emotion into a scent may be impossible, but the Coach Love Eau de Toilette may be as close as it gets. It's joyful, refined, and romantic as two soulmates intertwined. It opens with notes of sparkling mandarin, dewberry, green violet, and freesia, while the heart is a sophisticated floral bouquet of magnolia, jasmine, and gardenia. The base is woodsy (sandalwood, patchouli) sweetened with fresh florals and caramel. It leaves a musky sillage for a few hours.



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