DIY a solid version of your favorite perfume. It's ridiculously easy!

A great perfume is a staple in our beauty stash. Not only do the bottles prettify our vanities; a spritz or two can instantly refresh us and perk up our mood! Sadly, some fragrances just don’t last the entire day. A lot of factors determine how long a perfume lasts but even the best of them can easily disappear while battling our daily commute. The solution: bring our favorite scent along and reapply on the go!

It might not be practical, however, to tote an entire glass bottle in our purses (they can be heavy and we risk having them shatter along the way). We can decant the perfume into a container like the Travalo spray to keep it travel-friendly; it's easy and won't take more than a couple of minutes to do.

But since we're ~$fancy$~, we decided to make our own solid perfume! It's a great way to make scents portable, plus we never have to worry about breakage, spilling or adhering to restrictions like TSA guidelines. Best of all, we can easily make one of our favorite scent or create our own blend! Here's how.

What you’ll need:

  • Your fragrance of choice: concentrated formulas like eau de parfums and oils will definitely last longer than colognes, eau de toilettes or body sprays
  • Beeswax: you can buy this from soap crafting stores or use an unscented (or barely scented) beeswax-based lip balm that you already have on hand. You only need around a couple of centimeters from the tube to fill up half a 4ml container.
  • Measuring container, dropper, funnel: you can find plastic accessories in department stores or Daiso, while we got the measuring container from Beabi (P30 only)
  • Portable container: choose one that's sturdy enough to withstand being jostled and banging against other items in your bag. We found a 4ml aluminum cream jar from Beabi (P30) or you can recycle tins or acrylic jars from used up beauty products. Just be careful as the mixture will be hot and might melt the material.
  • Microwave-safe containers: for heating up the wax
  • Toothpicks or spatula: to mix up the concoction and smoothen out the balm

Step 1: Cut around 3cm from your lip balm and place it in a microwave-safe container.

Step 2: Prepare your scent of choice by decanting around 3ml into the measuring container. We used a proportion of 1cm of lip balm to 1ml of perfume for this DIY but this may vary according to the intensity of the scent you use.*

Step 3: Heat up the lip balm in the microwave. Use short increments (less than 10 seconds each) until fully melted. Observe closely to avoid burning the wax. Transfer the melted wax into your container.

Step 4: Combine the melted wax and decanted perfume. Stir until fully blended.

Step 5: Allow the mixture to cool and set for at least 30 minutes before enjoying your new pot of DIY solid perfume!  

Note: The proportions we noted worked for the products we used but different waxes and scents will react differently. We recommend working with a small amount first and testing your proportions first to avoid potential wastage.

For the batch that we whipped up, we've noticed that the scent lasted longer compared to simply spraying the perfume on! It's because the balm doesn't evaporate as quickly as a liquid, so the perfume oil remains with it. You can even make the fragrance last all day by applying the solid version first then spritzing the perfume on it. Apply sparingly though as the scent may become too overwhelming!

Will you be trying out this DIY? Which of your scents will you be putting into your solid perfume?